Blue Back Square update in Courant

Today’s story lets us know that one of the two parking garages is open – though not to the public yet – but the Healthtrax fitness club and the Hartford Hospital building are a little behind schedule (which explains why I’ve seen ads for the Healthtrax club before it’s open). The Nov. 1 opening for much of it remains on track, however.



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12 responses to “Blue Back Square update in Courant

  1. Joe Visconti

    Don’t worry about Blue Back’s Grand opening, Slifka and Verrengia will use the Grand opening a few days before election day for new Town Councilors to bond on camera.

  2. Joe – They can learn something from you, your an expert at bonding with the Camera.

  3. jen w.

    Healthtrax has sold it’s share of the gym at Blue Back SQ. I hope it wasn’t sold to Bally’s.

  4. Rick Liftig

    It was sold to New York Sports Club.

  5. Elmwoodian

    …which, in my experience, should be a good thing. Having lived in NYC and been a member at both Healthtrax and NYSC at various time, NYSC is a bit more on the hip side. Not ridiculously hip, but more like approachably (not a word, I know) hip. Anyway, when it comes down to brass tacks, both have good reputations for quality facilities, so it should be no great shakes that it was sold.

    I agree with Jen though: Bally’s stinks.

  6. Chalenois

    I used to belong to Malibu Fitness in Farmington, great place, but soooo far out of the way. I’m really looking forward to having something in the center.

    BTW, sorry about posting this on the ABOUT page…I’m new & trying to figure out the ropes.

  7. JTS

    I hear that – activity, people moving around at different hours of the day (not just dinner crowds) and eventually people living down there – it’s going to be great. By the way, NYSC is an excellent facility, at least the ones in NYC always were.

  8. Archie

    It is still supposed to open 11-1? I go to WOW, but having something in the center would be fantastic, albeit a little more expensive…

  9. TWC

    “…a little more expensive…?”

    The Courant reports today that “…an individual yearly membership will cost about $79.00…”

    If this isn’t another example of the Courant’s slip-shod state of affairs, where do I sign up?

  10. DS

    When is NYSC opening? I have been waiting since April. What is the hold up. Does anyone know?

  11. JSCH

    The club is open. We just signed up for it but it has limited hrs of operation and there is hardly any staff.
    The hrs are: 4:00pm – 8:00pm weekdays
    and in the morning on Saturday and Sunday

    Very nice facility compare to the other clubs.

  12. oh, Great articl! I will keep this post.

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