DiBella should resign

I finally got a chance to catch up on the William DiBella saga today — and was shocked to find he’d survived a vote of no confidence at the Metropolitan District Commission last week, according to a story in the Journal Inquirer.

DiBella, who’s been involved with the MDC for three decades, was found liable by a jury recently “on all counts of aiding and abetting in a 1998 state pension investment scheme, in which he was paid a $374,500 “finder’s fee” for a few minutes of work,” the paper reported.  “The federal Securities & Exchange Commission filed the civil suit in 2004, accusing DiBella of violating federal securities laws in taking the finder’s fee in a $75 million pension investment. Others connected to the investment already have served jail time or paid fines,” the story added.

Not surprisingly, some of the MDC commissioners thought DiBella shouldn’t be the regional sewer and water authority’s chairman after getting nailed in federal court.

They asked for a vote of no confidence, which DiBella survived on a 16-11 vote. Another vote, calling on him to resign, fell short on a 17-10 vote, according to the JI’s story. I don’t know why someone would say they have no confidence in DiBella but not ask him to resign, but that’s a separate issue.

“Why doesn’t the whole commission stand up and say this is enough?” asked Republican commissioner Jeffrey Wright, who led the charge against DiBella, the paper reported. The GOP members opposed DiBella, a former legislative big shot.

The Democratic commissioners mostly hemmed and hawed that they needed more information and time.

“If I thought I was damaging this organization, I would step down,” DiBella told the MDC, according to the JI. “I think this was premature at best, and at worst, truly politically motivated.”

Well, Mr. DiBella, if you don’t think this is damaging to the MDC, you’re utterly blind. It’s a terrible message to have a major government organization that’s about to engage in a gigantic sewer project to have as its leader a man who just got slapped around in court. It raises all sorts of troubling concerns, perhaps without any justification.

But if DiBella is half the man his supporters say he is, he’ll resign rather than let this turn into a circus. If he cares about the MDC and the region, he’ll step down quickly.



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12 responses to “DiBella should resign

  1. Whdad – couldn’t agree with you more on that one!

  2. Joe Visconti

    I hear Joe Verrengia is on the MDC Board, if true does anyone know how he voted on the Dibella thing?

  3. Don’t know – but Alan Hoffman voted to keep him..
    quote from the Courant:
    “Allen Hoffman, one of the 11 who voted for the “no confidence” resolution – said “we’re very premature” in taking the vote, even though the facts present an issue of right and wrong. Hoffman’s dilemma showed in his subsequent vote against the resolution calling for DiBella to resign.”

  4. Joe Visconti

    I saw that, isn’t Alan a Republican at State Central now? Well I guess he has his reasons but…….

  5. Dad… nice post!

    After hearing such an insightful statement by Allen Hoffman it is no wonder he served only one lackluster term as our Republican State Representative. And not at all surprising, given his keen political maneuvering regarding such a bread and butter issue, that the West Hartford Republicans have lost virtually all representation on the Town Council. What the “#$!!” is he thinking!

    But drawing attention to one wayward Republican does not give a true picture of the MDC votes. It was primarily Democrats sheltering a well-known corrupt Democrat that allowed DeBella to remain as chairman.

    Our state truly deserves the nickname Corrupticut.

    As a MDC member town, West Hartford Town Council (also unfortunately controlled by Democrats) needs to adopt a resolution calling for DeBella’s immediate resignation!

    Joe, are you going to step-up-to-the-plate and spearhead the effort or are you going to be part of culture of corruption?

  6. Humbug

    The Fluoride and Chlorine added in the MDC watersupply has a greater detrimental effect on those closest to the source. Google the terms to see the Medical worlds warnings. Symptoms and abnormalities in Brain function can cause residents (who all recieve 40% more chlorine airation during showering) to demand higher taxes.

    These anomolies may also lead citizens to lose their ability to utilize proper english and capitalization when communicating in writing or speech. Other symptoms may be the creation of urges to give billionaires their money and allow Special Interest groups control of their destinies.

    When confronted with reality, many drinkers of Fluoride and Chlorine laced water supplies closest to the source will gather in groups to assist those that seek to enslave them.

    Ingesting or breathing the Chlorine and Fluoride MDC water may also lead to Befriending and embracing concepts and idea’s that don’t work or make sense can cause an over active desire to protect the rights of Criminals, Illegals, and Union Agenda’s.

  7. Humbug

    “and can cause an over active desire”- the chlorine and Fluoride are already taking effect!

  8. Angry Voter

    Democrats knew of this SEC civil case during the referendum but chose not to advertise it to voters. The MDC needs to issue public bonds in order to pay for The Clean Water initiative. Bonds issued are purchased by the public, pension funds, and investment funds. I believe this SEC Ruling where DiBella was found liable on all counts hurts The MDC’s ability to raise capital for the Clean Water Project if DiBella remains as it’s Chair.

    It’s not about right and wrong with political cronies. I believe many on the MDC are compromised, and do not have the courage or desire to ask DiBella to leave and vote with their own wallets in mind. Further, they do not comprehend the risk to MDC Financing. A Publicly traded company Chairman would be forced to resign but The MDC is quasi-public, and politics prevails over right and wrong.

    Some thought’s:
    The MDC has no mechanism to remove a commissioner?

    The Ethics Code of conduct is very, very weak. More holes than Swiss Cheese.

    Democrats on The MDC and a few sell out Republicans are not worried a commissioner can sit on the board and still conduct business with The MDC? Good luck protecting your Two Billion Dollars in bond issues.

    Ethics, what ethics?

    It’s a sad day of affairs when politcal partisonship is placed before right and wrong and the good of our citizens. The Pigs are already fat, it’s only a matter of time before they get slaughtered. Their greed will overtake their judgement just as it did by not voting unanimously for DiBella to resign.

    Kudos to those Republican Commissioners who took a stand against a majority Democrat body and a power broker like DiBella.

  9. turtle

    Well said (but please, a majority Democratic body).

    How do we lean on these guys.

  10. Pseudonym Required

    To bad the Fed’s ran out the clock on the Criminal aspect of Dibella’s Scheme. What kind of power does this guy have? Or are the Fed’s that Incompetant? Or did Dibella give up somebody to the Fed’s for them running out the Statue of Limitation on the Criminal aspect? Or??????

  11. Joe Visconti

    Just Dibella?

    For all you who can scroll down, take a look at Joe Verrengia who was a Republican on the Board and also a woman called Lisa MacDonald. Lisa was the Republican Al Turco nominated to bounce me from the Republican ticket. Lisa got nominated and then missed the election due to Illness or such, leaving the Republicans with only 5 candidates for the 05 Municipal Election. Anyone know who nominated Lisa to the MDC? Also we have a Maureen Magnan, the Democrtat who is now Chummy and buddy buddy with Mr. Verrengia, and Larry Price, hey Larry I thought the Hartford Fishwrap did a ditty on how you were leaving politics because of an Illness a year or so ago? Sheeesh everyone seems to be recovering, thank God; And Joe Verr, how much will the Police make on overtime/pension contributions off the MDC Billion dollar hike? Think Joe Verrengia has a conflict with that? Na.

    Today we must have faith we are being represented, we’ve come full circle, the separation of church and state is being jeopordized because residents/voters must have faith in government rather than transparent vision and total access!!!!

    “Faith based Economics”- you heard it here first !




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    West Hartford VERRENGIA, Joseph
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