More than 1,000 hits here today

I’m stunned at how quickly this little blog is growing. We topped 1,000 hits for the first time today.



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17 responses to “More than 1,000 hits here today

  1. JTS

    Congrats on the benchmark WHDad, you’ve got a great blog, little or otherwise.

    (I also had to post so that Judy and Joe didn’t comprise all of the recent posts)

  2. Not bad Dad … Hits are the number of times visitors click on items of interest. Add a couple of extra topics each day and push the number higher. I imagine that puts you at about 200 to 300 individual sessions each day? Hey, how about adding a William DiBella discussion?

  3. Joe Visconti

    Isn’t it nice that you can identify your neighbor bloggers by using their real name? Maybe someday you can find the courage and personal conviction to own your opinions. Make a real difference by being somebody.

  4. Get off it, Joe. As if, those of us who don’t write our full names aren’t “somebody”, and don’t have courage or conviction. Get a clue.

  5. Joe Visconti


    If King is part of your real name (last name I suspect) ” those of us who don’t write our full names ” and there are 21 residents of West Hartford listed in the white pages from West Hartford with the last name King, your lack of owning yourself place’s any of the other 20 residents with the last name King in town as potentialy you. Harboring your own views is one thing, hiding amongst 20 others who look like you in name is another. Pick a different pseudonym if King is your last name and spare the other King’s in town the possibility of being you.

  6. Osemasterofdoom

    Welcome to the Blog, King. I would just recommend you get a rabies shot before you post again so that when Joe rips into you for using a pseudonym, you don’t catch what he’s got. I know I’ve checked my boosters.

  7. Joe … I kind of agree with your point that real names add a layer of sincerity and accountability to an individual’s statements. But I also happen to know “The (real) King” and have to say he happens to be a heck of a good guy and new father… Public Congratulations King. King is however saving himself from rambling e-mails from “kinder gentler liberals” spewing all kinds of vitriol. I get one or 2 each month.

  8. Osemasterofdoom

    I couldn’t agree with you more, DD. Those of us who choose to remain anonymous have our reasons, one of which is to avoid the bombardment you speak of. If our anonymity causes others to view our opnions and statements with less credibility, then that’s the chance we take. But it doesn’t mean we lack “courage” or “personal conviction.” It simply means we choose to avail ourselves of the opportunity the net provides to engage in a public discourse without being accosted on the street or in our homes by those who take opposing views.

  9. EJ

    It also prevents situations as occurred at the BOE meeting where Ben Wenograd went out of his way to smear Judy Aron

  10. Elvis Conti

    Grow up, look at that guy Joe Visconti, did anyone acoust him on the street or in his home? cowards don’t deserve opinions.

  11. Joe Visconti

    Hey, who is this person Elvis Conti using part of my name in his pseudoidentity?

  12. Osemasterofdoom

    Nor do those who think their opions constitue fact.

  13. Elvis Conti

    Joe , I am a supporter, I think you would make a wonderful Town Councilor. Too many residents are sick of the way this Town is being run, no one is out there defending the People, especially the people in need. Why did we spend so much on subsidizing private billionaire’s?


    Elvis Conti

  14. Osemasterofdoom

    Yes, please, let’s rehash Blue Back AGAIN!!!

  15. EJ

    Joe, I thought you were using an anagram

  16. Joe Visconti


    who is that blogger Elvis Conti? he even spells like me, scary and master of doom, love the name did you know all that stuff on blueback? i didnt, wow I wish the courant told me what I wanted to know. Oh well at least we have this blog for some truth

  17. theres-a-reason

    Or perhaps some of us are public figures of one kind or another (like a town employee) and would like to express our opinions without backlash.

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