Courant story on racial imbalance in our schools

The Hartford Courant has a must-read story that raises many more questions than it answers about the growing racial imbalance between the schools as a whole because Charter Oak and Smith schools are far more diverse than most of the rest in town. We’ll have to follow up on many of the points in the story, but it’s one of those pieces that everybody who cares at all about the town has to read in order to have a common conversation.



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2 responses to “Courant story on racial imbalance in our schools

  1. EJ

    The article also indicates that the minority population of the town is dispersing through the town, moving to areas that were traditionally white.

    The term minority now also includes asian, hispanic, black, central asian and other groups. This would seem to increase the size of the group.

    This may very well portend a couple of things:

    As the minority population expands through the town the schools should slowly start to rebalance.

    If the suggestions in the article are put into play someone better figure out where the $$$$ will come from. I seriously doubt that the current budget will support such expansion of programs. And with the annual increases the school board looks for it is hard to believe that they can add anymore to the budget to fund these programs without serious cuts in other areas.

  2. Rick Liftig

    EJ –

    Good points.

    We HAVE been down this path before and it’s not a simple matter of re-arranging the children into the appropriate schools. The ultimate goal has to be to provide a quality education for all and not to merely bus kids from one end of town to the other.

    Our traditional definition of “a minority population” is sorely lacking in scope. It overlooks ethnic groups that are not in the definition (ie. Bosnians, Portuguese, Nicaraguans, Peruvians – and what about mixed races?)> It does not take into account economically disadvantaged students no matter what race they are. At present, we have sixty-eight (!) languages represented in the school system – where do they fit in?

    The $$$ are a very big issue. If the state and feds want to mandate change, they should fund the changes. As you are well aware, this has not been done (or done minimally). And once again, the burden of these mandates falls dis-proportionally on inner-ring suburban schools such as West Hartford.

    As I say, we have been down this path before and very few of the arguments have changed in the last 10 or 15 years.

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