Why are 5th grade parents silent?

To save $312K, the Board of Ed is eyeing a plan to “reduce staffing at KP and Sedgwick in grade 6 from 3 full teams per grade to 2 full teams and 1 half team. Based on current enrollment projections, the maximum class size would rise from 19 to 24 per class in grade 6.”

Read that again, parents. Fifth graders would be on BIGGER TEAMS in BIGGER CLASSES at middle schools that are already BIG. What they’re looking at is raising class sizes by 32 percent. That’s stunning at such a vulnerable age.

You folks who are aquiver at cutting taxes can try to explain why it’s more important that you save 1/10 of a mill than that our sixth graders who are just entering middle school should suddenly go to classes that are 32 percent larger than they are this year.




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3 responses to “Why are 5th grade parents silent?

  1. To be fair, I know why the parents are silent: nobody’s telling them what’s happening. The Courant is almost mum. The other papers that cover the town say next to nothing. The radio and tv stations don’t care about any topic that’s this local. There is no forum and there are too few people paying any attention at all.

  2. Joe Visconti

    OH Whdad, don’t you worry yourself over that, the Zomie Yes Voters through the PTA are organizing as we speak.
    Funny, larger classes verses less for teachers. What’s the big deal, it’s obvoius teachers will dance any dance to keep their pay hikes?Keep larger classes until the next squeeking Union door opens for renewal of the Teacher’s Contract.

    Zombie Yes Voters Mantra:
    Strong schools must have strong schools, Strong schools must have strong school.

  3. interested

    Sounds like a great solution to me.

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