Larson to take global warming junket



WASHINGTON- Today, Congressman John B. Larson announced that he is participating in a bipartisan Congressional Delegation trip to Greenland, Germany, Great Britain and Belgium to meet with leading scientists and political leaders working on solutions to combat global warming lead by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.   Earlier this year Larson was appointed by Pelosi to serve on the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. 

“Global warming and energy dependence are probably two of the most important issues facing the future of our planet,” said Larson.  “This is a unique opportunity to see the global impacts of global warming and meet with global leaders that are addressing global warming in effective and innovative ways. This issue has been ignored for far too long and now it is time for serious solutions and action and I am proud to be a part.”

Congress is drafting wide-ranging legislation on energy independence by July 4 and global warming later this year. Pelosi also created the Select Committee Energy Independence and Global Warming to promote greater understanding of the problem. 

The Congressional Delegation is made up of other members of the Select Committee, including Chairman Ed Markey of Massachusetts; Congresswoman Hilda Solis of California ; Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin of South Dakota; Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Oregon; and Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri.  Congressman David Hobson of Ohio, Ranking member of the Energy and Water Development Appropriations Subcommittee is also traveling.

The bipartisan delegation will be traveling to Greenland and is scheduled to meet with Dr. Konrad Steffen, who is the lead scientist at Swiss Camp located on the Jakobshavn Glacier.  In Europe, the delegation is scheduled to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, foreign and environmental ministers, members of parliament and leading environmentalists and scientists.

Because of the significance of this trip, the air travel will be carbon offset through the Pacific Forest Trust – a forest conservation and stewardship project that will permanently reduce approximately 500,000 tons of CO2 emissions over a 100-year period.  The Speaker will personally pay for this effort.



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One response to “Larson to take global warming junket

  1. “India says global warming is a problem for the Brits and the Americans who started it all.

    Germany says it will cut its CO2 emissions by 80 percent—in 2050. For the moment, however, it plans to build another 26 power plants fueled with low-grade lignite coal, the dirtiest fuel on the planet.

    California governor Arnold Schwartzenegger says he wants Detroit to cut auto emissions per car—but he won’t raise California’s gasoline tax right now because Californians would blame him for bringing on a state-wide recession.

    Democrats say President Bush is blocking the Kyoto Protocol, but they haven’t introduced a usable bill to reduce U.S. greenhouse emissions below the 1990 level. If such a bill passed with a two-thirds majority, it would become law. However, it might well trigger a massive recession, as U.S. jobs fled to China.

    Everyone thinks we should be able to use less energy—but not a lot less. SUV drivers wish they could get another 6 mpg. Honda Civic drivers think everyone should get 40 mpg. Bicycle riders think they’re saving the world, but ride home to their air-conditioning.

    Eco-activists are fond of telling us how easy it would be to cut our greenhouse emissions by 15 percent. But the only defensible goal of greenhouse reduction is to cut First World greenhouse emissions by 80–90 percent—while preventing the Third World from raising theirs. Hardly anyone in America is thinking about a 90 percent energy reduction, and certainly no one wants to confront the Chinese leadership with that message.

    The world has enough uranium and thorium to make nuclear the fuel of the future. If the environmental movement really believes global warming is becoming the absolute worst disaster in history, we’ll build nuclear plants. Many reasonable people are beginning to think that’s the way out, among them Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore. But the Greens say nuclear power is irresponsible. ”

    (Thaken from Dennis Avery… Hudson Institute’s Center for Global Food Issues)

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