Don’t cheat on Carpenter successor

It was disturbing to see in the West Hartford News that Republican Party leader Carl Donatelli said there have been Democrats recently changing their party affiliation to Independent in anticipation of Carpenter’s resignation. The obvious implication is that the Democrats may be prepared to pick a successor to the soon-to-resign Barbara Carpenter (who really ought to step down now, however much I admire her) who isn’t really unaffiliated or a GOP loyalist.

There’s a reason the state law requires minority representation. It’s to ensure there are watchdogs in place to keep an eye on the majority.

In our town, that function is mostly gone, with one Republican switching sides and another allied with the Democrats. That leaves just one GOP councilman, Mark Sinatro, to hold a line that should have three people.

The majority councilors should see the wisdom in genuine opposition and let the Republicans pick someone to replace Carpenter. Let Donatelli and his gang provide a handful of possibilities and pick one of them. Or at least turn to someone that we can all trust to be a good Republican, not a Democratic lapdog. And I say that as a voter who generally backs the Democrats.



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7 responses to “Don’t cheat on Carpenter successor

  1. Joe Visconti

    My name is in already in to Mark Sinatro to suggest as a replacement for Barbara. Think I would go along with the Dems? There I was sitting next to Babs on the same line in 05 as Petitoning candidate, having raised over $8,000 for my campaign and placing second for Independents that year(last overall), wouldn’t it be fun and entertaining to see me in there? No? tch tch, and I had my hope so high.

  2. No surprise, but Carl’s comments in the West Hartford News make no sense. Voter registration has no relationship to filling vacancies on town bodies — except for the affiliation at the time of their original candidacy of the person vacating and the affiliation of the person filling the vacancy. In other words, state law says the Town Council — not Democrats or Republicans — fill the vacancy and limits the number of majority members. Therefore, if there is a vacancy now, the person appointed by the whole Town Council must be either an Unaffiliated or Republican voter. At this point, less than 3 months until election day, Councilwoman Carpenter should simply stay and abstain from any conflicts (unlikely) that arise. Then, let the voters decide in November. Sorry Joe, that means you would have to wait a little longer to see if you can reach your self-stated (Hartford Advocate) goal of becoming “a terrorist on the inside.”

  3. Joe Visconti

    Hey Kevin
    Could you let the public know what rule or law allows Joe Verrengia to run with your Democratic pack for this November’s election while sitting in a Republican seat and voting as a Republican on this Council?
    I thought there could be no more than 6 of one Party serving on council? I can hear it now, there’s no governing authority that could rule that Joe Verrengia cannot vote as a Republican on Council while raising funds as a Democrat, swearing to the Democratic oaths and making campaign plans with Democrats.

  4. Ouch, it hurts to agree Visconti!

  5. Elmwoodian

    Democrats have oaths? Is there a secret handshake and a branding ceremony as well?

  6. Elmwoodian

    Didn’t Tom Fiorentino do the same thing on the BOE, but going from D to R?

  7. Joe Visconti

    Kevin, I’m waiting.

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