West Hartford’s project list, approved by town council

Town Projects for 2007-2008 & 2008-2009

(If there are two numbers, the first is for ’07-08; the second number is the following year; if there is only one number it’s for the ’08-09 fiscal year)

Arterial Street Rehabilitation $500,000 & $1,419,000

Bishops Corner Improvements 150,000

Bridge & Culvert Rehabilitation 48,000

Elmwood Campus 100,000

Energy Conservation 100,000 100,000

Greenway Development 500,000

Guardrails 50,000 20,000

Fairview Maintenance Facility 50,000

Kennedy Tennis Courts 200,000

Neighborhood Street Improvements 1,445,000

Radio Communication System 150,000

Sidewalk Replacement 245,000

Storm Sewer Construction 245,000

Street Resurfacing 492,000

Town Building Improvements 1,159,000

Town Center Improvements 250,000

Town Total $650,000 & $6,573,000

School Projects

Asbestos Removal $200,000

Heating & Ventilation Systems 500,000

Portable Classrooms 500,000

Roofing & Masonry 500,000

School Building Improvements $175,000 & $1,034,000

Site & Athletic Field Improvements 250,000

Stage & Auditorium Renovations 100,000

Window Replacement 250,000

School Total $175,000 & $3,334,000

Grand Total $825,000 & $9,907,000



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7 responses to “West Hartford’s project list, approved by town council

  1. Not that I want to analyze the budget to death, but where can you find the detail on each item? Line items like “neighborhood street improvements” seem to be fairly general without some context as to what’s needed and where.

    And are some of these general projections, or results of locked bids estimated andwon?


  2. I’m sure they are just estimates.
    There is something on the town website that has more details. I’m not sure just where at the moment.

  3. turtle

    What’s the deal with the half-million dollar Buena Vista Training Facility project? Admittedly from my perspective this item is exotic. Didn’t actual golfers protest at Town Hall that this proposal is a bad idea, or was that another golf course initiative?

  4. EJ

    Last night Jim Francis told the WHTA that the planning for the minigolf at Buena vista was just a piece of paper at this time. Yet the dollars are in the Capital Imptovement Budget.

    This usually means that they will go ahead with it, after all the $s are already allocated.

    The question was brought up at the meeting, that if this was such a good idea why not lease the land to a private developer and let them take the risk. After all our leisure services dept does not have a great track recording when it comes to making money.

    The training facility itself may no longer be a viable idea as someone else brought up at the WHTA meeting that the TPC was putting in such a facility.

  5. Osemasterofdoom

    Um, isn’t energy conservation supposed to save money? Why are we spending $100,000 per year on it?

  6. interested

    Sounds good. Cut all of those things and we’ll be all set.

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