Gas prices sure to fall; Larson against price gouging

LARSON VOTES TO CRACK DOWN ON PRICE GOUGINGBill supported by Rep. Larson Passes House; takes important step to end price gouging 

WASHINGTON – As Americans approach Memorial Day and the summer driving season, Congressman John B. Larson (CT-1) joined an overwhelming bipartisan majority in Congress and voted to approve new mechanisms to fight record high gas prices. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Larson voted for legislation to crack down on gas price gouging and OPEC state-controlled entities that conspire to limit the supply or fix the price of oil. Larson’s vote comes as families in
Connecticut are paying an average of $3.27 a gallon for gasoline.  This is more than a 116% spike from when President Bush took office in 2001.  

“Families in
Connecticut are feeling a serious pinch at the pump,”
said Congressman Larson. “I was proud to support legislation that will help crack down on price gouging and punish those who attempt to fix the price of oil.  The American people have paid enough.”

On Tuesday, the House approved H.R. 2264 to authorize the Justice Department to take legal action against OPEC state-controlled entities that participate in conspiracies to limit the supply, or fix the price, of oil. Nations or organizations that limit oil supply can artificially inflate the cost of gas and hurt American consumers.   

On Wednesday, the House approved The Federal Price Gouging Prevention Act, H.R. 1252, of which Congressman Larson is a co-sponsor, which would give the Federal Trade Commission the authority to investigate and punish companies that artificially inflate the price of gas. The bill sets criminal penalties for price gouging, and permits states to bring lawsuits against wholesalers or retailers who engage in such practices. 

While a bipartisan majority in Congress supports these bills, President Bush has threatened to veto both pieces of legislation. 

“As the summer driving season approaches, too many families are being forced to choose between a bag of groceries and a gallon of gas,” Larson added. “President Bush is wrong to oppose these bills and I urge him to join us in our efforts to bring down the cost of gasoline.” 

The high cost for families come as oil companies continue to prosper. The six largest oil companies announced $30 billion in profits for the first quarter of 2007.  This is on top of the $125 billion in record profits they made in 2006. 

In addition to the legislation approved this week, in the first 100 Hours of the 110th Congress, the Democratic Congress has already voted to roll back $14 billion dollars in taxpayer subsidies for Big Oil companies and reinvest the money in clean, alternative fuels, renewable energy and energy efficiency.  Democrats are also developing an Independence Day package to boldly address energy independence and global warming by rapidly expanding the production of clean, alternative fuels and increasing energy efficiency, which will help protect our environment and bring down the cost of fuel for American consumers.



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17 responses to “Gas prices sure to fall; Larson against price gouging

  1. It is sad to see so many Democrats standing in line to pass meaningless legislation that will ultimately do nothing to impact the price and supply of energy while they happily profit from higher tax revenues from that same gasoline. Wakeup! Skyrocketing energy cost is directly related to the dwindling supply of energy. If we don’t build power plants (wind, hydroelectric … whatever) the cost of electricity goes up. If we don’t drill for oil and gas, build refineries and facilities to distribute it the cost of oil and gas goes up.

    And the Democrats in Connecticut’s state legislature shouldn’t be looking to spend their gas tax windfall they should be giving it back to the people!

  2. They should at least be looking at how to use the gas tax windfall to help deal with the energy issue. Donald Dodd’s right in that we have to increase supply — hopefully in ways that won’t ransack the environment — but we also need to find ways to conserve, perhaps with more mass transit, bike paths, energy efficiency moves and more.
    One thing that won’t help is pure grandstanding by politicians on either side of the aisle, as Larson is clearly doing.

  3. Joe Visconti

    Pass Legislation on Gas?
    All the Democrats do is Pass Gas

  4. Osemasterofdoom

    Gee, that’s helpful.

    Posturing on this issue is pretty bipartisan. When the GOP was in the majority on this issue, they took pretty much the same tack. The truth is, we expect our elected representative to do something (or at least look like their doing something) even if there is really nothing that can be done. Who would vote for a representative (Democrat or Republican) who took a stance of “You know, there’s really nothing we can do about this in the short term?” Sadly, as usual, we get the kind of representation we deserve.

    This is one issue on which I take a giant leap from my increasingly Libertarian beliefs. You want to solve the gasoline problem? The answer is higher taxes, rather than lower taxes. Tax the crap out of it, increasing the federal levy by $.50, $.75 per gallon. Make gas so expensive that people have no choice but to find alternatives. This isn’t just an environmental or transporation issue, it’s a national security issue. Ouyr overreliance on foreign oil is a clear and present danger to our national security, and drastic measures have to be taken.

    Of course, no candidate for office would be willing to take this step, because he or she would be voted right out off office. But again, that’s more the fault of the electorate, rather than the elected. Once again, we get the kind of representation we deserve.

  5. Joe Visconti


    I thought I was on the edge.
    Master of Doom
    I would not seek the Crazy Over Tax approach but a much more simple approach such as “Embrace the Future” by promoting the idea that all gas station personel/clerks should be Unionized with full health benifits and pension plans from the throwback 80’s. That should surpass the results you seek. See the Legacy Funding grow!!!!

  6. We can call it a day! Doom is a “Libertarian” feels it is necessary to impose his environmental opinions on society through increased legislation and taxation and Dad thinks spending “tax dollars” to build more unused diamond and bike lanes will help. . . something?

    What is wrong here is the unspoken hypothesis (now referred to as a “consensus”) that CO2 is adversely effecting our environment. Why, because the U.N., CNN and Al Gore tell us so?

    In reality (actual science) the earth has warmed only a net 0.2 degrees C warming since 1940. Human-emitted CO2 gets the blame for only half of that—or 0.1 degree C of warming over 65 years! And we’ve had no measurable evidence of global warming (at all) since 1998.

  7. Joe Visconti


    I like the way you think.

  8. Osemasterofdoom

    I don’t recall basing my argument on the environment, DD, even though I mentioned it. My point is that our unending thirst for oil makes us dependent upon a part of the world that is, in general, hostile to us. Even though gas prices are nearing an all-time high (even when adjusted for inflation) we citizens have shown no interest in changing our consumption habits. Thus, our dependence on the Middle East (not to mention Venezuela) continues. As with most things, we’re not going to change until we have to. That’s why I favor making gasoline (and other fossil fuels) so expensive that alternative energy sources that are now more expensive become more cost effective to the average consumer. That’s the only way we will wean ourselves off our billion-barrel-a-day addiction.

    As for Al Gore, I wouldn’t trust him to deal with ManBearPig, let alone energy policy.

  9. You don’t have to trust Al Gore. But to deny global warming is to say that the scientific community, which is nearly unanimous in its judgment, is wrong. I would rather bet on the scientists than on ExxonMobil’s propaganda.

  10. I apologize Doom. I was getting such a chuckle from the idea that a Libertarian would propose legislation to modify a person’s behavior that I missed your valid point on National Security. Oil is being used as a weapon against us!

    But what is the solution?

    Ethanol works well for Brazil but at a high price because they had to clear miles of rainforest for agriculture to produce it. I just can’t see clear-cutting our national forests as a viable alternative here in the states. And people rarely talk about the fact that higher food prices are an obvious side effect of increasing ethanol production. You just can’t remove large quantities of grain from the market that would normally be used to feed livestock without the cost of food going up.

    Higher energy and food costs may not be a crisis for many of us here in West Hartford (and members of the state legislature) because they have room in their budgets but more and more people on fixed incomes are going without. And despite that fact we have been warned about our energy supply problem for over 10 years I don’t see the Democratically controlled State Legislature doing much of anything about it.

    Perhaps (with luck) they will conserve their way out of elected office.

  11. It’s certainly true that our Democratic legislature and Republican governors have done just about nothing to help over the years – except for the brilliant deregulation of electricity that has certainly offered us choice…. not!

  12. Well Dad, the UN panel on climate change says we have eight months to save the planet from massive overheating, huge sea level increases, and millions of lost species. And if that’s not junk science I don’t what is. If we believe the UN (who happily excepted millions in bribes to turn a blind eye to starving people and corruption in Iraq) and people like Al Gore by the end of next summer we’ll be sitting on prime beachfront property here in West Hartford. Either way West Hartford wins.

    When dealing with the UN all you have to do is follow the money. This is all about creating and controlling the international trade of CO2 as a commodity.

    But that is not to say that global warming and cooling isn’t real. We probably are moving toward a warming period like the Medieval Warming that allowed the Vikings to settle Greenland and perhaps the Americas. Warming and cooling cycles are related to the earth’s relationship to the Sun… not so much CO2.

  13. Frankly, I find it ridiculous to argue against controlling CO2. The worst thing that will happen if it’s unnecessary is that we’ll develop cleaner, more efficient technology. If, on the other hand, scientists are right (and it’s much more than the UN), we face a catastrophe that’s getting worse every week we wait to deal with it.
    This doesn’t seem a tough choice.

  14. Joe Visconti

    Total Recall scifi, next they will charge us for air. Think everyone would buy designer bottled water? How about designer bottled oxygen??? Purify, we must purify, Organic Oxygen! Evigen sold in whipped cream containers.

  15. You know Dad deregulation is an interesting topic. In a free market deregulation will increase supply and lower prices but in the microcosm of Connecticut we never had a free market for energy.

    Every effort to build power plants, power and gas lines, and gas terminals has been blocked by local and state government further restricting the supply of energy and driving up cost.

    And I can think of one person who has devoted more effort to restrict the supply of power than even the Democratically controlled state legislature – Richard Blumenthal. He could well become the poster-child for the energy-starved poor of Connecticut unable to purchase fuel to heat their homes in the winter and hanging out their windows to catch a cool breeze in the summer.

  16. yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    u guys are nerds 😀 hahahhaahahahaa

  17. I would just like to point out that because the majority disagree does not mean the author is wrong. Make up your own mind. This website about the driving test might change your opinion

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