Going on a bear hunt

A bear was wandering near the corner of The Boulevard and Prospect. The Courant, which has the story, also has a video.

First wild turkeys attacking, now a bear pawing through our back yards. What’s next?



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4 responses to “Going on a bear hunt

  1. The bear was in the Smith schoolyard this morning, protesting the budget cuts. There will undoubtedly be parents at the next meeting advocating increased bear patrols, even if it means reducing even more the textbook budget (group 1), the paras (group 3), ESOL (group 2) and World Language (group 4).


  2. Joe Visconti

    No he wasn’t wandering the Bear was the Model for the Bronze Statue for the Public Art here in West Hartford. Hey, where is the statue of the bear going to be displayed anyway?

  3. turtle

    Ha Vardibidian! Bingo.

  4. Mike

    Had a couple run through a yard off of Wood Pond Road on Sunday. They’re coming…..

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