Stop & Shop needed in West Hartford

The King’s View blog, a wonderful West Hartford blog, make a great case for a better grocery store in our town. Check it out.



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4 responses to “Stop & Shop needed in West Hartford

  1. Wow! There is a Super Stop and Shop one block from West Hartford and this lady won’t go there because they have too much security! Huh?

  2. Fred Garvin

    You think that blog is wonderful? Oy vay!

  3. Peter G.

    The Hartford Super Stop & Shop is a great store with a real diversity of products, including a lot of ethnic fare for the surrounding communities. By contrast (and as I have commented here before) there is something downright bizarre about a town “center” where it is easier to buy special pastries baked for dogs than it is to buy a loaf of bread. And while I also like the bread at Whole Foods, SSS usually has a pretty good variety of fresh baked breads.

    I do prefer to buy most of our produce up the street at the Apple Tree Market, but I think that “The King” probably wouldn’t care to shop there either since it also is on the Hartford side of the line. But c’mon, a produce market where you can get at least three different variety of eggplant and the prices are far lower than Whole Foods OR SSS. What’s not to like?

    I could offer an opinion about the real reasons some WH’ites don’t want to shop “over the line” but really, I think they already know and we do too.

  4. A few things… don’t get me wrong – I do shop at the Hartford Super Stop & Shop. The prices are much cheaper and the diversity of products is very good. I favor their seafood counter to other area grocery stores.

    My point is that I’d be happier if they opened one up in our town – one place, local, where I can get all my grocery shopping done. I’d bet that they would offer the same diversity of products found in the Hartford store (or the Newington SSS). They would have to in order to compete.

    But would they charge more for the products if it were opened in West Hartford? I wonder.

    As for the town center… with the exception of Puerto Villarta, where meals are of decent quality and affordable, 59ers for an ice cream, or quick shopping at CVS, there isn’t much for the average Joe who doesn’t want to spend $12 on a crummy hamburger or drop $200 on a fancy pair of aligator shoes.

    The center is geared toward the affluent which is why puffy the poodle gets the plush goods.

    I was disappointed when they took Osaka out of the center (or better said they couldn’t afford the rent). That was a very good Japanese take-out or eat in resturant. Quality, quick, reasonable, and convenient. I hope the new one going in is going to be decent.

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