On the border of Red Sox Nation

It’s been a great spring for those of us who are Red Sox fanatics. Our guys are looking as mighty as any ballteam in history, racing ahead to an 8 1/2 game lead in the division already.

But despite that miraculous year when the Red Sox vanquished our enemies in the Bronx and went on to crush the Cardinals, there’s always a part of any Sox fan that is firmly convinced it will all collapse before the season draws to a close. Somehow those damn Yankees will find the formula to pump life into their aging veins, again.

Whatever happens, though, here in West Hartford, we’ll be rooting for our teams, joshing with our friends who are fool enough to give their allegiance to the wrong half of the New York-Boston rivalry, and glad as always that baseball is always there to give us a diversion from squabbling about taxes, war and those damn politicians.

Personally, I’m happy to live on the frontier of Red Sox Nation. It’s nice to have actual Yankees fans around. When you’re in Worcester or Waltham, the Yankees are purely mythical. The only pinstriped fans there are cranks. Here, however, we’ve got the real thing, in abundance, though they are surely outnumbered even so.

So let me say this to my neighbors in West Hartford who sold their souls to Steinbrenner’s dream team: HA!

And, yeah, I know it’s a long season. Things can change. Things will change.

But still… HA!



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15 responses to “On the border of Red Sox Nation

  1. turtle

    This blog is one provocation after another.

    By the way, after the Tigers clobbbered the Bosox tonight you are but 8 games up, and anyway, since the Boss is paying a gazillion dollars to Roger Clemens to rescue the Yanks naturally Clemens will have the decency to wait until next year to fall apart, and he and his buddy Pettite’s synergy will turn everything around, and things will be right again, with the Yankees triumphant and the Red Sox nation reduced to total, inconsolable grief.

    From time to time out of the blue my son says to me, “When are you going to eat that hat?” He’s referring, of course, to last year’s 5 game sweep at Fenway.

    But I can’t begrudge you your fun, prideful whdad. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  2. Hey Turtle.. ditto…
    It’s a long season.. The Yanks will come out just fine.. (smile).

  3. Yeah, its going to be a long season all-right, Judy … but I think you mean for the Stinkees. Can’t wait to see Old Roger come back and save Steinbrenner’s heroes. Hey, I thought you guys were invincible? I mean with a payroll like that, you’d expect to see a few more wins and perhaps some bionic implants or something.

    All this synergy is going to be fun to watch between Old Roger and Petitte. Sounds like a commitment for a homerun derby. The league can’t wait! Are you sure you didn’t mean “surgery” turtle? At the end of this season, both will have wished they stayed in Texas.

    Can wait for the Sox to visit the Evil Empire next week. I’d be happy to take one or two game there which is what I expect from the Sox. Let’s go Sox!

  4. firedannyainge

    Still bragging about LAST SEASON.? I call that a loser mentatlity.lol

  5. Joe Visconti

    Go Yankee’s!!!!!! Pinstripes forever!!!!!!

  6. turtle

    Still bragging about LAST SEASON.? I call that a loser mentatlity.lol

    Out of the goodness of my heart I will not bring up the 20th century.

  7. Typical Yankee fans… living in the dark ages and never the present. And the Yankees last won the world series in what year? What decade? Let’s do the math on what it costs to have, well… nothing.

    Meanwhile, here on Earth, in the present… Sox take 3 of 4 from the Tigers. And the Yankees were saved by the raindrops after dropping to Chicago. Yep, shaping up to be a great year…. here in 2007, that is.

    And no wild card for anyone out of the AL East this year. Kiss it good bye for a competitive team in the other divisions – a team that really deserves to be there.

  8. firedannyainge

    I almost fell off the chair laughing at your 7 YEARS AGO last Century comeback.lol

    Cool then I get to claim the Celtics the best NBA team now because they won LAST Century. Okay then.lol

  9. turtle

    First, King, you are not the king? Elvis is the King.

    Second, the Yankees and the Red Sox are even-steven in the 21st century. But you knew that already.

    firedannyainge, talk to me in September.lol

  10. Headless Horseman

    No Turtle

    Steinbrenner is King!!!!!

    Long live the King!!

  11. firedannyainge


    No one is bragging about this lead. No one. Yankee fans have issues .lol

  12. turtle

    I’m still chortling over Manny’s dive to second.

  13. Joe Visconti

    God Bless George

    Bush? No, Steinbrenner thats the other topic silly

  14. Hmmm. 14.5 games behind. Someone please provide a CBA/TCO on that clubhouse in the Bronx.

    Where’s my firing? Who’s going to be sacrificed by Georgy Porgie?

    And the Sox haven’t even found themselves yet. Sox find ways to win despite mediocre plate performances by Pedroia, Crisp, Drew, and — even Manny. And we still find ways to win with Papi on the bench.

    I’m not saying this is the year, but things are looking bright.

    And BTW, whdad, the pops Red Sox Nation and John Henry gave to Trot and Kathryn Nixon were first class on Monday. Simply awesome! Trot was one of the best all time Sox players from so many perspectives … too bad baseball is strictly a money game now – Nixon deserved to retire in Boston. What a gamer!

  15. Joe Visconti

    14.5 games behind, no problemo!

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