Obama backers in West Hartford

More than 40 Obama for Prez backers plan to push their man during Celebrate West Hartford on June 2, according to this.

There’s also a West Hartford for Obama website.



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2 responses to “Obama backers in West Hartford

  1. turtle

    OK, I’ll bite.

    Although officially indignant that the presidential campaign season has kicked off over 18 months before the election and receptive in theory to all the Democratic candidates no matter how pitiful their poll numbers, I like Obama.

    After six excruciating years of GWB, I’m especially susceptible to Obama’s intelligence, judiciousness, and oratorical brilliance. Obama is the most glamorous candidate. But the next president is going to inherit a world of trouble, and ’08 may be even more critical than the last election, if that’s possible. I worry that Obama’s charisma distracts (me, anyway) from thoughtful consideration of more experienced candidates like Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, and Hillary Clinton, who I’ve never supported for president. She was good at the “debate” though. Cool as a cucumber.

  2. Joe Visconti

    The Icewoman cometh

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