West Hartford’s schools are the key to the town’s success

Realtor Amy Bergqist’s wonderful “In the Neighborhood” blog takes aim at the referendum sought by the West Hartford Taxpayers Association. In her post on the issue, Bergquist writes, “While I understand the concern that property taxes will rise by approximately 6.6% for all West Hartford homeowners, I don’t believe cutting the budget is the way to go. West Hartford draws and retains residents because of the perception of excellent services and the public school system it offers. Every weekend I see evidence of this when people from Bloomfield, New Britain, Newington, etc. flood open houses. The reason they are looking to move? ‘I want my kids to go to the West Hartford schools.'”

Something to ponder.



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4 responses to “West Hartford’s schools are the key to the town’s success

  1. Joe Visconti

    Perception of Excellent Services and the Public school system it offers?

  2. Joe, as a Realtor, I cannot say whether or not West Hartford has excellent schools and services. That is for the individual to decide, everyone has different opinions and standards. Therefore, I use the word “perception.”

  3. Fred Garvin

    It’s not a perception. West Hartford has wonderful schools.

    We also have dedicated teachers. But most of all, we have parents who demand high-performance from their children.

    You can’t have great schools without parents who have high expectations, who read to their children when they’re young, who value education.

    The great schools are why so much else in West Hartford is very good. The center is vital because of the people who are here because of the schools.

    Let’s give the schools their due.

    Without its wonderful school system, West Hartford would be … well, Manchester.

  4. Joe Visconti

    Dedicated teachers? Of course they are dedicated as most teachers are, they also get paid well, that helps if dedication is lacking.

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