Blue Back Square cited as model for growth

Blue Back Square photo

 Blue Back Square now

Developer Richard Heapes was heaping it on in Maryland this week, according to a  story in The Gazette, which covers the DC suburbs.

Pushing for more developments like Blue Back Square, Heapes “pointed to a project his company, Street-Works, is building in West Hartford, Conn., as an example. West Hartford gave his company $50 million in bonds to do $200 million of construction for Blue Back Square, aimed at revitalizing the city’s center.”

“By working with city officials and community organizations, including a neighborhood church, an American Legion post and the merchants’ association, his company will turn that $50 million into $80 million worth of assets and amenities, Heapes said. The organizations got an expanded library, new church entrance and a small movie theater available for free to groups,” he told a planning board there, according to the paper.

Let’s hope he can keep bragging about Blue Back Square for the next couple of decades.



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12 responses to “Blue Back Square cited as model for growth

  1. Joe Visconti

    New Church Entrance? Who paid for that? Wonder if the town in Maryland has the ability to hold a referendum on Bond sales, If so yours truly will be there every step of the way.

  2. Joe Visconti

    Revitalizing the City’s Center? We are not a city and we did not need revitalizing, the Center was thriving before Signor Heapes blew into Town.

    Where’s your tax relief now? Oh I can hear Chuck now, if Blue Back was up and running we wouldn’t have a Tax increase this year, yeah right and maybe someday pigs will fly. Let’s go, the Bloggers are at their posts!

  3. Art Halloran

    Mr. Visconti, still beating the anti-Blue Back drum. One of the great skills in life is knowing when enough is enough. You lost!!! Stop being a sore loser. Do something positive for the community. Enough is enough.

    Do you have any idea how tired everyone is of listening to your constant negativism and your simplistic, naive ideas.

    Do yourself a favor. Take some time for you. Get your life together. Although almost everyone is Visconti-weary we still wish you a happy and heathy life.

  4. Joe Visconti

    Do you speak for almost everyone? If so prove it, if you cannot prove it then please take your own advice, I also wish you well.

  5. Ryan

    Art doesn’t speak for everyone, just the majority of this town, people who are optimistic, forward looking and enthused about this town and it’s future. Oh, yeah, he also speaks for the majority that kicked Taubman and his toadies asses not once, but twice.

  6. Joe Visconti

    Hey Ryan or whatever your real name is, Is that any language to use on this family blog? Please try and grow up; maybe you can channel some of your built up anger and frustration by joining some karate school where you can learn to bow to your sensai. There’s one in the Center above Harry’s Pizza. If that doesn’t help there is always the possibilty of seeing a doctor for medication.

  7. Peter G

    I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about Blue Back…and I’m still not. I’m also not at all convinced that it is a “model for development.”

    Having said that, I have to say that assertions that Blue Back was going to or will destroy the “small town character” of the Center are laughable.

    What true small town has a main street or center where you can’t buy a loaf of bread, but can buy special pastries made for dogs?

    I don’t know what small towns folks are thinking about when they praise a shopping district that consisted of chain stores, boutiques that most folks can’t afford to shop at, and restaurants that most of us can’t afford to eat at either. I’m trying to picture a Norman Rockwell painting of small town America consisting of Chico’s, the dog bakery, and Grant’s.

    So get over it people…the notion that West Hartford center was a bucolic little haven was already outdated some time back. Whether Blue Back was or is the right answer for moving forward may be another question, but let’s get real about what this town looks like.

  8. Even though it is dense and “Stamford-esque”.. it’s here.. I accept it .. and I hope for all of our sakes that it brings in the promised revenues.

  9. Even though it is dense and “Stamford-esque” .. it is here.. I accept it … and now I hope for all of our sakes that it delivers all of the promised revenues..

  10. Ryan

    Hear Hear Judy.

    And Joe, of all the people to talk about medication. Clearly even the wonders of modern pharmacology couldn’t keep you from riding a horse down Farmington Ave. You have a sense of humor after all, or at least a sense of irony.

  11. Joe Visconti

    That’s Show biz sport.
    You don’t even have the chutzpah to show your real name, But that’s ok we understand, It must be from all the role playing you learned in Therapy.

  12. jojo

    this guy heapes is a real liar and scoundrel – watch your wallet and daughter when he’s in town

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