School board’s budget goals this year

Way back in January, the Board of Education approved its goals for this year’s budget:

The Budget Priorities are:

 1.      The budget will provide support for continued planning and implementation of the -2007-2011 four-year district goals as established by the Board.

2.      The budget will support student and teacher educational needs, growth in student enrollment and diversity of students, efforts to close the achievement gap, and safe and orderly schools.

3.      The budget will continue to maintain a balanced commitment to academics, arts, athletics, and student responsibility. 

4.      The budget will support rising costs of health benefits, energy, and educational supplies and materials. 5.      The budget will support the negotiated contracts with all bargaining units.     6.      The budget will identify and recommend long-term cost saving measures to minimize the budget increase.

 7.      The budget will provide support for the enhancement of programs, facilities and support staff at Smith and Charter Oak magnet schools.   

8.      The budget will identify efficiencies both short term and long term gained through the Education and Municipal facilities consolidation. 

It looks to me as if the proposed cuts now will undermine most of those priorities, particularly at Smith and Charter Oaks schools, and weaken any effort to close the achievement gap. 



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One response to “School board’s budget goals this year

  1. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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