Stupid guy from Bristol

Stealing a car with a bad muffler was 25-year-old Samual Ramos’s first mistake, but hardly the biggest.

Ramos, a Bristol resident, stole the 1984 Buick LeSabre in Bristol but came to the attention of West Hartford police when he refused to pull over after officers noticed the loud muffler, according to a weekend story in The Hartford Courant.

He dumped the car near Trout Brook Drive and vanished – until the next morning when he tried to force his way into a Trout Brook home.

That was mistake number two.

The ex-military homeowner managed to fight off Ramos and “had no trouble” subduing the guy until police arrived, the paper reported.

Ramos had spent the night sleeping in a car outside, and apparently wanted to make a phone call to help him escape the area.

Instead, he’ll be sleeping in a cell for a long, long time.

It doesn’t pay to mess with us here in West Hartford, as Ramos learned. We’re not about to let some punk from Bristol get away with anything.

You know Ramos is a loser anyway. I mean, who steals a 23-year-old LeSabre? Jeez….



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2 responses to “Stupid guy from Bristol

  1. Osemasterofdoom

    Aha! See, all of you were told that Blue Back Square would bring the worst criminal element into town, and this proves it. Blue Back is the ruin of our beautiful town!

    Oh wait. Blue Back’s not open yet.

    Never mind. I’ll post again after the ribbon’s cut.

  2. Ryan

    Osemasterofdoom shoots and scores.

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