A bunny dies in West Hartford

Take a look at this blog entry to see why wild animals in our town may be fighting back, if the turkeys are any indication.



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7 responses to “A bunny dies in West Hartford

  1. Yeah – a couple about 6 months ago I saw 3 deer running smack in the middle of North Quaker Lane by Fern Street! At first I thought they were huge dogs. They also were scared and confused. It was very sad and strange to see these beautiful animals in such a state. They were dodging cars and jumping over hedges. I honestly don’t know what happened to them – but they headed down Fern St. towards Steele Road. Not too long after that I also happen to see what looked like two bobcat type animals on Mountain Road near Simsbury road by Balbrae. That was very wierd.

    Clearly these animals are being forced out of their natural elements into residential areas where they just are a danger to themselves and to us. (I don’t want to be anywhere near a frightened wild animal). It would be interesting to find out how animal control handles that and how many calls they get on these things in West Hartford.

  2. turtle

    Holy cognitive dissonance Batman. It’s a potty-mouthed bunny-lover!

  3. Joe Visconti

    What about these squirrels? last year we had like 6-8 of them fall off the power lines and hit the street dead in front of my house. Are they on speed or something? Anyone else notice this?

  4. Rick Liftig

    Live, Local, Late-Breaking!

    Next at 11:00 – suicidal animals flock to West Hartford. Local officials are stymied.

  5. Joe Visconti

    Love it!

  6. Paging Jennifer Abel!

  7. Rick Liftig

    I may have found a clue to these untimely deaths.
    (I couldn’t resist reprinting this, so thank you if you’ve read it already)

    from the Elmwood Gazette April 1, 2007:

    **** Town Continues Animal Crackdown! ****

    A Princeton Street woman has been fined $237 for having too many squirrels in her yard. It’s part of the town’s ongoing crackdown on residents having too many pets on their premises. Betty Ardilla of 579 Princeton St. stands accused of having seven squirrels on her property at one time.

    Town officials have charged she is keeping the acorn-swilling rodents as pets. Ardilla claims she has tried to control the problem through proposed zoning ordinance changes, stern talkings to, finger wagging and disapproving stares, but the squirrels just keep coming. “Apparently they like the peanut butter and celery sticks I put out for them,” she said as the Cartoon Network show, “Pre-Teen Mutant Samurai Squirrels” played in the background.

    Town animal inspector Odio Gli “Bert” Scoiattoli said, “Town ordinances are pretty clear. You can’t have more than two squirrels on your property at one time. It’s an ordinance that dates back to the founding of West Hartford in 1854. Ever since we cleaned up the problem of people having too many small dogs as pets, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands.”

    “We’re working our way through the alphabet. First it was Shi Tzus. Now it’s squirrels. Next on our list is something called rhododendrons,” the animal inspector added. When informed that rhododendrons are actually a plant and R comes before S, Scoiattoli said, “Well then, kids with turtles better watch out.”

    I wish I could have taken credit for that gem, but it was the work of Keith Griffin. FYI – ‘Ardilla’ is Spanish for squirrel and the phrase “Odio gli scoiattoli” is Italian for “I hate squirrels”

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