Kevin Sullivan’s right about the property tax

Don’t miss former Lt. Gov. Kevin Sullivan’s timely piece on property taxes in The Hartford Courant.



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7 responses to “Kevin Sullivan’s right about the property tax

  1. Ok- As Ronald Reagan would say, Here you go again Kevin.
    The Broken Promise’s to the Education Cartel which you sit amongst, was occurring during your watch as speaker, during the Rowland years when you looked the other way at bringing West Hartford it’s fair share of educational funding.Where was the common sense in that?

    Show me the Money!… more to come….Someone reply soon, my fingers are itchy to type.

  2. Kevin Sullivan

    Am I really going to respond to a Joe rant? Well, I learned long ago that a lie left unchallenged too easily becomes a truth. Yes, West Hartford has never received its fair share in state school funding and I have never said otherwise even when serving in the State Senate. On the other hand, there is a glass half empty/full problem here. While co-chairing the Legislature’s Education Committee, we convened the still most extensive revision of school finance since the inception of court-mandated equalization. One result, not coincidentally, was to vastly increase our town’s ECS entitlement and significantly increase our actual funding — primarily by moving to median family measures of income that are a fairer measure for older, larger suburbs like West Hartford. Without those changes, our town would have been technically fully funded all these years because our ECS entitlement would have remained so low. Instead, we gained an immediate significant increase in state aid (half full) and have been making steady, but how I wish more, progress toward our entitlement (half empty). And in no year that I had the privilege of leading the State Senate did we not do better by local school aid than Governor Rowland and better by my hometown. Ah, that does feel better!

  3. Kevin,
    Lie’s & rants & Voodoo chants won’t buy our ticket to the dance

    The Spinning ECS will stop when all the players grab a mop

    Entiltement can’t wait and see it’s gotta pick the money tree

  4. I’m going out on a limb to guess that Joe Visconti is just as odd in person as he is in print. Is that right? I’ve never met him, or his horse.

  5. Rick Liftig

    As I re-read the following post, I realized that I had just paid a record amount of federal and state taxes this weekend. I don’t feel that my contribution to the government is always spent wisely or in the public interest:

    Isn’t the solution to much of the todo about property taxes the ability to live within one’s means? In each instance when a town or institution depends on state or federal funding, it decreases its autonomy, increases the paperwork associated with compliance issues and takes valuable energy away from the ‘mission’.

    I’m not against the town demanding its fair share of ECS. Nor do I deny the fact that their is an inherent partnership necessary between the town and the state, but its far more efficient when you don’t need the extra money.

    The property tax can be a very inequitable way to raise capital for a town, but you know where your money is coming from and you know pretty much what you income is going to be.

    My point – institutions and missions tend to expand over time (isn’t the state government the largest employer in the state?). Focus is lost and bottom line revenue issues such as income and outgo become secondary to the debate and the desire to do something, anything to make something right (funding and fines cure everything in our country)

    Much of our income and initiative these days seems to be aimed filling out paperwork or making sure that we are in compliance with the countless regulations that have been passed to protect the many from the few. How many well-intentioned programs in this state have become large sinks for money, steeped in pages of compliance code?

    Our state’s big problem is lack of growth which leads to a lack of new revenue, which leads to an inability to fund everything and everyone. which leads to everyone looking for money which was never there in the first place.

    I hope I made a little sense in that rant. Can I blame it on tax day?

  6. Good Job Rick, I feel your pain

    whdad- no you like my Political Poetry? Sheesh, Odd in real life, ok eccentric.. na .Lets have coffee.

    The Glass is half full though until Union’s get collectively wrestled to the mat by a spending cap, then will the waiter finally fill the glass at the Public Banquet.
    The return of capitalism/no free lunch, will push back the special Interest who hide behind collective bargaining like bloggers with no real names. -Metaphors galour.

    Remember the Gentlemen who Bravely sang together on the deck of the titanic as it was sinking? with their button down proper dress, and hair fixed in place? Very noble but doomed.

    Economy rules, and my dear friends there is nothing economical about the way our government is operating…. Time to bring in some Private sector Ceo’s.

  7. Ted Madfis

    Rick. will you join the West Hartford Taxpayers Association and help defeat this budget? You as a leader in Elmwood have tell your followers that their RE taxes will go up by at least 15% with this proposed budget.

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