Elmwood Gazette has kind words

The new April issue of the The Elmwood Gazette gives a nice tip of the hat to The West Hartford Blog, which is something like Lou Gehrig saying the rookie shortstop might have a future. Rick Liftig’s publication, which I started reading long ago, has been a great guide to the town for years. So I’m glad to get a thumbs-up from him.

Anway, here’s what he had to say:

West Hartford Blogs

With all of the todo in the media about blogs, it’s amazing that West Hartford has not generated more of them. There have been many short-lived blogs revolving around town issues. Some were centered around elections and some were ‘one trick ponies’ focusing on one cause or another. One blogger felt that he was the ‘Matt Drudge’ of the town and attempted to expose the high crimes and misdemeanors that were lurking at 50 South Main Street. The small group that participated in this blog all agreed that this town was no better than biblical Sodom. Reading it was a chore.

In short, most of the blogs have had a narrow audiences and been poorly written. This newsletter could have become a blog, but the delay in writing and publishing inherent in a newsletter (even an electronic one) makes me a little more cautious. The immediacy of blogs often leads to inflammatory statements and hyperbole. I feel that if you say or write the words, you should own them.

Now there’s a little hope on the horizon and we’ll see where it goes. Check out the blog at https://whdad.wordpress.com. So far, the comments have been well written and the replies balanced. One downside of this blog is that participants are allowed to use screen names which makes it easy to hide your identity. But refreshingly, real names are startingto be used.



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2 responses to “Elmwood Gazette has kind words

  1. Well written, Ditto for the idea of using real names on this blog.

  2. E. Allen

    It is a great blog, responsible, normal, interesting, polite the vast majority of the time. Not unlike West Htfd when you think about it.

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