GOP chairman is, gasp!, right

The town’s Republican Party chairman, Carl Donatelli, is right on the money with his analysis of who should get to appoint a successor to Barbara Carpenter, a registered Republican member of the town council who is going to resign.

Carpenter was elected as an independent, but all along she was a registered member of the Grand Old Party, even if she didn’t get along with the likes of Donatelli. (I don’t know the man, so I can’t begin to say whether her distaste was justified, by the way.)

Anyway, Donatelli argues that because Carpenter is a Republican on the rolls, the GOP should pick her successor, not the Democratic majority. That strikes me as a perfectly reasonable position. There’s no sense in having a state law that says the Democrats can’t control more than six of the nine seats and then let them fill one or more of the other seats with handpicked cronies. It flies in the face of common sense.

I would make the point, though, that Donatelli and the Republicans would be wise to pick a moderate, well-liked person — soon — and let us all know who it is they would select. It would be easier for the Democrats and the lawyers to back down from a fight if they knew they could get along with choice the GOP would make. Call that an unofficial compromise and be done with it.



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20 responses to “GOP chairman is, gasp!, right

  1. I dont know the person who started this Blog but thanx for stepping up to the plate. In regards to Barbara Carpenters seat as well as conflict of interest, hello Joe Verrengia is a Union Cop, and benefits from the contracts that the town bestows. I know Joe, like Barbara they are good people and have watched them recuse themselves from voting on the contracts but their presence has always reaked of conflicts. When was the last time AFSME and UNION groups backed Republicans as they do these two? I thought AFSME and such belonged to the Dems? The truth is, there is no Republican party anymore in West Hartford, nor will there be without “debate”, and that my friends wont happen until they put in a guy like ” Me” to shake up the status quo. By the way, who was sitting next to Carpenter on the Independent Petitoning Candidate line last election? And who will never be chosen by the status quo? You guessed it, but thats ok we get the government we deserve…. Welcome to Town Mr. 30 something Mills.

  2. Dreaming of Bouvier?

    I think we can all agree (including Joey Vis) on this one point: Mr. Donatelli has driven the Republican party into disarray, and his divisive style is not likely to lead the party back into relevance any time soon. Regardless of who in fact should choose the person to fill the soon to be open seat, it appears obvious that Mr. Donatelli will attempt to shove someone down the Council’s and the Town’s throat that shares his negative, overly partisan, and divisive style.

  3. There is a difference, though, in the people electing a cop — a choice that we should respect — and Ms. Carpenter becoming the union president after winning office. She understands that, obviously, since she’s giving up her city position.

  4. Kevin Sullivan

    Responsibility for filling vacancies in local government does not belong to either the Republican or Democratic Town Committee. The decision, legally, is made by the entire Town Council and the question is who will best serve the town, not any party. In this case, there is the further legal requirement that the vacancy not be filled by a Democrat (majority limitation) and be filled under state law by an individual of like affiliation to the person leaving at the time of that person’s election — or unaffiliation in the case of Councilwoman Carpenter at the time of her election after being purged from the Republican ticket.

  5. Kevin, you are correct yet it is stated in the Charter that no party other than the one Barbara ran under (Independent) should nominate? As Al Gore would say ” There isn’t a governing Authority to determine” and so it goes to the council, yet a dem majority approval of nominations by who,- is a sham because the dems will never allow someone as opposed to their agenda as me or a Steve Sinatro.Where is democracy then? Al Gore and George Bush at the Supreme Court?. As for Carl, I dont believe you have seen his leadership blossom yet, I place my bet that if Barbara and Joe along with Mark shoot down this Joke of a budget twice, that after the second referendum the Republican party can mobilize behind Carl, Joe Delucco and Tom Knox’s leadership, run a door to door and bury Slifka and Company in the next election. The people are beyond angry, the democratic party is close to losing it’s hold on West Hartford, be patient. The Republican party in West Hartford lives or dies on the Republican Budget vote as savvy insiders know. Last but not least, A West Hartford Cop, Educator, Fireman or town Employee will have a conflict by the fact that they cannot serve two Masters, look what happened to AMAN, this is the tip of the iceburg to come with Ethics.

  6. Mike

    Ironic that Lt. Governor Sullivan is espousing the town council as the body that should make the decision, not a political party. I believe it was he who a few years ago tried to pass on the state level a bill that would have effectively prevented both Carpenter and Verrengia from voting on budget matters. I guess the voice of the people, and the local rules only apply when it suits his vision of what’s “right”. The sad truth is that it doesn’t matter – With a two to one majority on the council, a dissenting voice will not make a difference. And it will only be an issue for a few months during the summer doldrums, then it is election season again and the voters can decide what THEY want and who THEY want to fill the seat.

  7. Rick Liftig

    Mike –

    Former Lt. Governor Sullivan is also former Mayor Sullivan and is very familiar with the process of replacing an open seat on the Council. And yes, the entire Council gets to vote on it. Conceivably, the majority could vote against a proposed replacement, but I don’t believe that it has ever been done.

    Your point about the election coming up is a good one, although incumbency is a very powerful persuader.

    IMHO, I will vote for the candidates that represent the town before their party. I really could care less about party affiliation if the candidate is listening to and serving the people well.

  8. Rick, you may care less about party affiliation, but that does not change the fact that we have a Party System. State law cares about the number of patrisan councilors for good reason,too many voting the same way can lead to a dominate agenda without opposition or alternative thinking. In the case of West Hartford and the cost of maintaining it’s 151 million dollar long term debt, falling scores in schools, and little room for any new development to make any difference in town ( Blue Back will pay only one half of the increase of just this years school budget), consolidating services and opposing uncapped salary/benifit increase’s is the only way we will have to keep Municipal costs in line with the private sector. Now, any Councilor who thinks otherwise is dreaming, and maybe banking on another 8800 Liberal Democratic Zombie Voter turnout to make their dreams come true. I believe this is the year the Sleepers awaken. Party Affiliation ? how about a Tea Party?

  9. Rick Liftig

    But ultimately, Joe – this is a Town Manager form of government. Therein lie the keys to the kingdom.

    The Council comes and goes and the staff stays.

  10. Ryan

    You only get a first chance to make a first impression. Thanks to how some people who post here first introduced themselves to the WH community at large (negative, extreme, bomb throwing, accusatory, insulting, divise, self promoting, etc), they won’t ever be seen as the thoughtful, community-oriented, optimistic people that WH residents like to have representing them. It’s as simple as that.

  11. Keys to who’s Kingdom Rick? The People’s Kingdom, or the Town Manager’s Kingdom? You mean the residents come and go and the Special Interest remains.

  12. Did Blue Back reps post here Ryan (Last Name)?

  13. Ryan

    If by blue back reps you mean blue back yes voters, the ones that smoked you in two back to back referendums, yeah, they post here.

  14. Two Referendums brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Activists…….. Cause you know it’s going to be Alright

  15. Dreaming of Bouvier?

    I hereby nominate Joe Visconti’s hair to replace Barbara Carpenter on the Town Council.

  16. E. Allen

    I hearby nominate the horse Joe rode in WH center a couple years ago. What a horse. A hell of a horse you might say.

  17. My horse,My Horse your kingdom for my horse!, but lets not split hairs over such things. the important thing is you all participate in government, (I hope). See you all on voting day of the Budget referendum, maybe on my horse and maybe with dredlocks!

  18. Walt

    I agree with Ryan’s comment about first impressions. It’s my first time on this blog so I’ll keep it short: No Party should endorse leadership which is negative, extreme, accusatory, insulting, divise, self promoting, etc. I encourage a prompt change for the better.

  19. Now Walt,
    Insulting? When? not me- Direct maybe.

    Divise?- Would you like to sign this petition?

    Self promoting?-Always, for the public good….

    Accusatory?- to whom? a blogger with no full name?

    Negative? be a sport, this is politics welcome to America.

    Extreme?- too many soundbites from distant lands called common sense?

    You forgot Incoherent,- How’s this, do you think I would ever wait for an endorsement from any Party before I make a difference, as I have (oops self promoting, sheesh when will I ever learn)? Show me you matter, get a last name already.

  20. avnish

    Vote counters of both parties expected the bill to fail, but passage wasn’t the point for Republicans defending their majority.It’s pretty obvious we have a broad base of support,” said Dave Gilliard, the spokesman for the ballot proposal.A look at past political contributions shows broader ambitions on the part of the initiative backers.A footnote says certain judicial officers must become inactive state Bar members.


    Knox Leon

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