West Hartford’s master plan?

Does this exist? Is it online? I’d love to see it.



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4 responses to “West Hartford’s master plan?

  1. I finally found an obscure part of the town website that mentions I can purchase a copy of the Plan of Development and Conservation for $25.
    It should be online.

  2. Odd that I can see copies of other towns’ master plans on their websites but I can’t find the one for West Hartford. Is it a secret?

  3. Rick Liftig

    The Capital Improvement Plan on the government page is a good hint at what the Town is planning on working on next (concerning its own properties and parks).

    The Plan of Conservation and Development is ten years old and outdated. It is available in the library. The Town should be updating the plan this coming year.

    But a plan is just a plan and many times these documents end up sideways on a shelf.

    The next plan needs to outline implementation and assessment of progress.

  4. Ben

    Rick is correct, the Plan of Conservation and Development is updated every ten years. As far as implementation or a master plan, try looking at the “Complete” code for the town of West Hartford. at http://www.west-hartford.com/government/CompleteCodeWH.htm
    The restrictions laid down in this document governs many aspects of the construction occuring in West Hartford, and lays out some conservation ideals. Its very general, but affects every project in town in very specific ways.

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