“For a good time, call Jennifer”

It’s a little unsettling to see that Jennifer Abel, who introduced herself here as The Hartford Advocate’s new West Hartford reporter not long ago, is writing this week about doing phone sex for hard-up guys.

I suppose, though, that if Mayor Slifka calls her about some story, he can always hope she’ll be on the other job again, cooing softly at him and moaning rather than asking him hard questions.



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9 responses to ““For a good time, call Jennifer”

  1. Gab Butler

    What I find unsettling is that you would take a swipe at someone who merely wrote about people getting off on phone sex … When it seems you get your jollies from taking cheap shots at anything that moves. Maybe if you had the balls to put your name next to your opinions, I’d have more respect for you and your diatribe. You egocentric, myopic dirtbag.

  2. I’m probably egocentric. Anyone who does a blog tends to be, but I really don’t think that I deliver cheap shots on here. I try to be rather kind.
    But reporters who are supposed to cover my town should get the news here. Playing at phone sex does NOTHING for West Hartford.

  3. Actually, as I think more about this…. I find it impossible after reading that piece by Ms. Abel to take her seriously as a journalist. Good reporters could do a tremendous story on the phone sex racket, I’m sure. But what she did was completely fake in every way that matters. Why would I trust her to do serious news reporting after putting her name on something like this?

  4. We can only hold that writer responsible to a certain extent though. The Advocate is a sensationalist rag. They don’t seek originality, accuracy, or honesty. They just want people to pick the paper up and support their advertisers. This should be obvious by the consistently horrible content over the past few years. The Advocate used to be an alternative, but now that it’s related to the Courant via corporate ownership, it’s just an avenue for “shock jock” personalities to find such encouragement by the editors, et al.

  5. Joe Visconti

    I thought this was a West Hartford Blog?

    We have serious Economic issue’s to contend with here in Town and although certain Posted topics border the strange (as well as the Reply’s including mine), not addressing this one this way would have been more prudent.

    Jennifer is OK in my book, it’s a Job man.

    Although I disagree with the Mayor on most Political Issues, I do not think it is appropriate to lose Decorum by associating him with such as has been posted by the Blogg Master above.

  6. Lots of women work in the phone sex industry and although aware of the stigma in some people’s views, find it a very lucrative and satisfying job. After all that is what it is, only a job.

  7. A sick, perverted, pathetic existence… you mean. A job. That’s a laugh. It’s filth. Bottom feeders.

    The Hartford Advocate is nothing more than the view of the socialists, anarchist, religion-hating crowd of malecontents. Their writers live in an upside down world where everything about normal, American existence to them is either backwards or wrong.

    Even the Courant writers distance themselves from that rag.

    But I’m sure its good to know there’s some balance in Hartford – you have the Courant which represents the left-wing view, and the Advocate which represents the far, far- left wing view.

  8. Anon

    The Hartford Advocate is owned by the Hartford Courant.

    What’s worse?

    I agree with the King…and I cannot believe it, WHDAD as well…but, for the life of me, what I cannot believe is that I have to read the factual information about our town budget in the Advocate, because I cannot get it in the Courant.

    WHDAD, why don’t you slam Dan Jones for not covering the whole truth of goings on in our town? Now that’s disgusting. Who’s pockets are you in? Is it really Jennifer Abel you’re after, or are you Dan Jones, et al?

  9. bobby

    call 4792212904 or/6092096333or/6014412882 for true womanizers!

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