School board backs 5.9 percent hike

From the looks of it, the town’s Board of Education did a good job last night in slicing what it could from a terrifyingly large budget. It made the hard decision to wipe out busing for the paltry 60 students who wanted to take advantage of the new later starting time (a number itself so low that it makes me wonder if all the hoopla was worth it). That saved $240,000. And it maintained our standards by refusing to cut two new teachers needed to keep our high schools adequately staffed. 



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17 responses to “School board backs 5.9 percent hike

  1. Colby

    You’ve gotta be kidding. $100 grand for two teachers because there’s 19 more kids in high school? Meanwhile they create a new administrative job, magnet school liasion officer, just to do public relations work? Why don’t they reduce the admin staff, maybe not replace the retiring assistant super?

  2. Well, you’re either serious about maintaining class sizes at a reasonable level or you’re not. Once you open the door to larger classes, it’s hard to slam it shut again.
    I’d rather err on the side of benefitting students.
    As for the PR job, well, I guess that’s something I try to learn more about. I’m always skeptical of PR.
    And much as we all hate the many school administrators — mostly for good reason — the reality is that there’s a ton of administrative crap they’re required to do, for the town, for the state and for the feds.

  3. interested

    I am not serious about maintaining small class sizes. How much is spent per child? How does that rank with the rest of the country?

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