Tight market for commercial space in West Hartford

Sentry Commercial reports that “West Hartford [is] still the tightest of all the suburban {Hartford] markets with a 6.4% vacancy rate- 60,000 sf of new office space at Blue Back Square will be delivered by the end of 2007 but 70% of that is already committed (Cummings & Lockwood is the first announced tenant for 11,000 square feet.)  Edens & Avante purchased 2523 & 2551 Albany Avenue (
West Hartford) in mid-2006 and are likely to announce plans to renovate or redevelop some or all of their Bishop’s Corner properties sometime in 2007.”
Vacancy rates for commercial space in Avon and Simsbury are three times higher. Take that, outer ringers. 



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3 responses to “Tight market for commercial space in West Hartford

  1. WE ARE TIGHT! That RULES! I guess it rules, right? We do want to be tight, don’t we? If it is good news, then yeah! CONGRATS TO US ON BEING SO TIGHT!!! 2007 TIGHTNESS FACTOR AT 6.4 REPRESENT!!

  2. I’m concerned what if we get too tight, say 5.1. That could be precarious.

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