Are you really from West Hartford?

Someone who’s clearly younger than I am has an online quiz to determine whether “you are a true West Hartford-ite.”

Here’s the deal:

“West Hartford and the life within it is like a page taken out of ‘Stepford Wives’ mixed with ‘Laguna Beach.’ There is no corner where fun isn’t found but drama doesn’t fall. The roads couldn’t be more filled with mini-vans, soccer moms, and upper middle class families. Our blood runs thick in either red or blue and our cross town rivalries are more then games. We might complain about WeHa but it couldn’t be more of home….

Are YOU a True West Hartford-ite? Do you have what it takes to survive this real-life TV show? Do you have got what it takes? You can finally find out by taking this great quiz… 

 Take the quiz to see if you are true West Hartford-ite.


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One response to “Are you really from West Hartford?

  1. ROR

    It’s an interesting quiz, provided you’re 17.

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