Gofer Ice Cream eyes Blue Back Square

Moooooooooove, over, Maggie Moo’s! I’ve got a real scoop today. Gofer Ice Cream, another of those pricy ice cream shops, is looking for a spot at Blue Back Square. The company says on its blog that it believes the new development “would be a wonderful spot for a Gofer Ice Cream. Initial talks are underway and we are aggressively searching for a franchisee for this planned location.”

Just what the town needs — more ice cream!



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7 responses to “Gofer Ice Cream eyes Blue Back Square

  1. Hey! there thats not fair. Have you been to our stores? we are not another expensive shop, we are reasonalbly priced and high quality. We are a family business that is attempting to expand and I have been visiting West Hartford for seveal years and hoping to someday open there. So give us a chance :>

  2. Jennifer

    Actually, the shop has a nice product and quite frankly is not that expensive. I don’t know anyone who’d mind paying an extra few cents (yes, cents, not dollars) to eat a treat at a place that’s not ghetto and where you don’t stick to the seats.

  3. Well, West Hartford does already has a DOG BAKERY, so why not an ice cream shop for gophers? Furry, ground burrowing rodents need treats too. Or is this ice cream for humans? I am confused these days with the multi-species options out there.

    The real question is: will there be enough PARKING for me and my gopher? (gophers are not allowed on the bus, not that I would ever ride on a bus, mind you) I hear the traffic will be a nightmare there in the Blue-Black. Furthermore, what kind of taxes are there going to be on this ice cream? Lastly I am a bit afraid that the Blue-Blacks square will bring in the wrong sort of elelment like badgers or marmouts, you mark my words.

  4. Hey, Gofer Ice Cream sounds good to me. I’ve never been to one of the shops, but I hope I get the chance. And I hope it’s not too costly, too! That would make it even better.
    In any case, Gofer guy, you’ll no doubt found West Hartford a welcoming place. We do love ice cream — and high quality and cheap is best of all!

  5. Gofer has stores in Greenwich, Darien and Stamford. Perhaps that’s why I think it’s probably costly!

  6. Scared of Traffic


    Think about the Children too, but more so about TRAFFIC! We need to widen every road to eight lanes so no pedestrians can ever cross. Pedestrians cause traffic. I’m Scared of Traffic!

  7. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is a lot more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on SU telling that the info is quite decent. Thanks.

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