Of SUVs and parking woes at Whole Foods

One blogger believes that Blue Back Square is already tying up traffic, at least at the Whole Foods parking lot.

Of course, there probably wouldn’t be a Whole Foods there if it werent’ for Blue Back, but that’s another story.

The blogger’s right about all the SUVs, though. You’d think driving around town that they were giving SUVs away with all the people taking them out on errands. 



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28 responses to “Of SUVs and parking woes at Whole Foods

  1. Nimbys, nimbys nimbys …You cant have it all. Blue Back will be great. If you cant handle it move to Newington. They have a Center and empty just the way you like it.

  2. E. Allen

    That blogger is right, and Judy Aaron’s quote really reinforced her point. If only more people had voted against Blue Back Square by now that whole area would be a meadow, with a clear blue stream running through it, deer lapping at it’s waters while butterflies and chipmunks cavort about.

  3. i can’t wait until dave r gets his tax bill……

    or reads about one more store having to leave west hartford center because they can’t afford the rents

    i had more ‘or’ items but they were unfit to print on a family blog

  4. Nimby’s …. the sky is falling…….shops are closing… are taxing are going….. through the roof……hurry buy that Cape in Berlin before it’s too late.

  5. Oh please .. give it a rest..
    we weren’t against developing that area.. we just didn’t want a huge city plunked into the middle of West Hartford. The way this was brought in was wrong, it was a no bid deal, and it was badly negotiated to boot. But that’s all water under the bridge.
    There is no sky falling.. an no one is a nimby. It is too bad you feel that way. The fact is this will bring an inordinate amount of traffic through town for the folks who will work there. But I really think people will not want to pay to shop here when they can park free and shop elsewhere. I am already hearing that from many people who live outside of town and used to come here for dinner. People are already avoiding the Center, as as far as I heard, the shop owners had a miserable holiday season.

    Blue Back will cost us in town resources too. More crime, more police. Are there good things about it.. sure.. but overall it is a mammoth outdoor mall.
    That’s what everyone wanted, but now they have to deal with the result. We’ve lost more green space and we’ve lost a small town charm. We might as well be Stamford.

    I don’t really care anymore.. now I want to see the revenue. Show me the money and pay off the $48 million GO bond. Based on our leadership, it looks like whatever revenue was promised is already spent.

  6. Yogi B.

    West Hartford Center? No one goes there nowadays, it’s too crowded.

  7. Point 1 : Connecticut has a horrible sprawl problem, BB is an efficient reuse of space, and has been recognized by respected authorites as a model for inner ring land reuse.
    Point 2: Traffic is here, and it will come. This is a more dense footprint. If successful , it may generate even more traffic, but this will be one of the few areas that we are able to create a dense area for people to be around other people.

    Point 3 Crime …Please ….Its right next to the Police station.

    Point 4 People not wanting to come to West Hartford, as I have said there is always Newington or Bristol. (Indulge me)

    Point 5 Loss of Mom & Pop shops will never fully happen here because much of the retail space in the center is too small for National Sized retail.

    I have owned a home near park road and troutbrook for 7 years, after finding this area via U of H. I have witnessed a resurgent of the area last couple of years(Park Street).

    More young people, higher rents, more interesting mix of shops and spill over from the Center. These are healthy things for our town. Active street live could allow us to keep more of our young people who leave because it is hard to meet people here.

    I see this development as the start that will lead to greater reuse and gentrification of the whole area. Maybe one day we can have a real hotel in town, maybe a trolly to Hartford, maybe less isolation, maybe more connected.

    Recognize that we are a very unique inner ring suburb, lets not be so precious.

  8. All respectable points..and I have heard all those arguments before. I am sorry to respectfully disagree but realistically young people do not stay here because it is too expensive already and will not be able to stay here especially with rents and taxes being so high. Do you think young people a few years out of college can afford rents of $1500 a month and find them affordable?
    There will be crime – I don’t care if the police station is next door. There will be more traffic from the people who live and work there – never mind the people who are supposed to be coming to park and shop.
    The reality is that people will shop at West Farms and even the Canton Shoppes because parking is free and you can get the same stuff.. When Cabella opens in East Hartford, REI will be irrelevent. But whatever, we’ll just see what kind of mix of stores will be opening in BBS. So far it is nothing anyone I know is interested in going to. Cheesecake Factory? In this diet conscious town? But whatever…

    Look, I just would have just wanted the thing to be a bit smaller – it is really too big for that space and takes away from the charm we had in the town.
    Oh and don’t worry, you will be getting your hotel – I am sure that the hotel element of the original plan never went away. One day when the planets are all aligned correctly and they can get the owners to sell..it’ll go in the area where the Mobil station and the wine store is.
    Oh and just in case you hadn’t noticed the Mom and Pop’s are leaving the Center and will continue to leave because the rents are just too high. Other business may come in, but time will tell how successful they will be. We already have chain stores there – CVS, Chicos, Ten Thousand Villages – Friendly’s – just off the top of my head.. Knocking down a few walls won’t be a problem. More of them are bound to move in as rents rise higher. We have lost some very good stores in the Center, and already all the hair and nail places are struggling to stay.
    So far here is a list of casualties and even this is incomplete:

    Chengdu (torn down to make way for Whole Foods driveway)
    Marissa’s (formerly Lucy Baltzell’s dress shop)
    Purple Flame
    Paris Jade – (the only place a teen could get a decent suit or party dress! )
    Michael’s coffee bar
    Totally Kool – (now some upscale beauty supply place called KZen)
    Michaels Jewelers
    Sinfully Chocolate
    We lost the Mobil Gas station on Raymond Road
    Paesaggio Gallery – (now the storefront to sell condos for BBS – Heritage)
    Osaka Japanese restaurant
    Steinway Piano Store

    suspicious fire demolished the building (18-20 Raymond Road) that housed:
    Saxon Limited (Import/exporter)
    Estelle Jones School of Dance
    Hartford Dental Association
    Ray Couture Opticians

    Additionally Blockbuster Video and Barnes and Noble have been poached by Blue Back Square out of Bishops Corner. But that place is slated for demolition and change as well – as far as I have heard.

    So is it good for the Center? Maybe yes maybe no.
    Like I said before.. for me now it’s all about “show me the money”. I want to see the revenue. I want to see it lower our taxes like they promised. I hope to God all this retail doesn’t kill this town when a recession hits and I pray someone doesn’t get murdered in one of the garages. Otherwise I wish the town and the developers well.

  9. Do you know me?

    Hi, I’m Ms. Negative. I write letters to local newspapers and bounce around various blogs all over the web and post various comments criticizing everything under the sun in the lovely Town of West Hartford. I am a one trick pony, I offer no thoughtful analysis, and am on the losing side of everything political that I touch. If you listened to me long enough, you might begin to wonder, “Why doesn’t Ms. Negative just move to somewhere where she might be more happy?”

    Do you know me?

    I’m Judy Aron.

  10. B

    That’s not very nice of you to mock Ms. Aron. You must be a product of the socialist-stalinist-nazi-conformist educational system she so justly critiques.

    And you, Yogi and E.Allen: stop being so damm funny!

  11. oooooook -Check please?

  12. E. Allen

    “…I pray someone doesn’t get murdered in one of the garages. Otherwise I wish the town and the developers well.”

    Let’s all say thanks to Judy for her last, seriously creepy, post. Thanks Judy! WHDad, what does she get for playing?

  13. OK.. OK.. all sillyness aside. I salute you Judy Aron for atleast taking a side.

  14. LOL .. Some of you really don’t know me well at all..but thats o.k. I have lived in this town for over 25 years.. and I really do like living here. West Hartford has been a great place to live. I want to see it remain a great place with all of its history and charm. Sorry if I don’t like the commercialized and elitist attitude that has been developing. Over the past few years I have seen too much polarization developing between haves and have nots, old and young, and that is just sad. The arrogance in West Hartford has become overwhelming. That is also sad.

    People can call me negative…. I really couldn’t care less…. if people want to bury their heads in the sand and not be realists and really see things for what they are then they can do just that.
    People can pretend problems don’t exist and that it’s all just good positive stuff, with a “have a nice day”, welcome to Stepford, have a latte attitude. Sorry .. keep the rose colored glasses, I want the truth.

    So people don’t agree with me.. I’m supposed to lower my standards and say yes to everything to make them happy? Foolish optimism is very overrated.

    As for the “socialist-stalinist-nazi-conformist educational system I so justly critique”… it is what it is.

    But anyway.. Have a Nice Day…

  15. Fred Garvin

    The list of closed businesses is interesting, but I’m not sure it can be blamed on Blue Back. Some of those places failed because they weren’t doing enough business. For others, rent increases were the cause of death.

    The latest shop to close, War and Pieces, has been on the decline for years and is getting its lunch eaten by a better-stocked shop in (horrors!) Manchester.

    These business failures have a variety of causes. To blame them all on Blue Back is intellectually dishonest.


  16. E. Allen

    Fred – intellectual dishonesty is the cornerstone of the anti BBS crowd. The same people who fought it tooth and nail and the huge amounts of tax dollars it will now bring in are back at town hall decrying the impending tax increases. They don’t want their taxes raised but were willing to sell out to Taubman to try and stop the biggest shot in the arm our grand list has ever seen.

  17. m&m

    “I pray someone doesn’t get murdered in one of the garages.”

    Don’t worry, Ms. Aron, the Hummer Battalion will shield the righteous from Blue Back terrorists.

  18. Truman's Mom

    “The Hummer Battalion will shield the righteous from Blue Back terrorists”

    Can I buy T-Shirts with that?????

    Got three buyers here…maybe that’s a new business venture for an empty shop in the Center?

  19. E. Allen, you state that the Anti-Blue Back Crowd sold out to Taubman? Hmn, can you prove that accusation? Would you be including me in that company? If you can prove those accusation’s Sir/Madame then you should take them to the Town of West Hartford’s Attorney’s where they were at one time preparing a counter suit against Taubman. Then you would be truly helping the Town of West Hartford in it’s one time attempt at recouping what it considered lost Taxpayer Dollars from those frivolous lawsuits. You will discover however that the case is otherwise and your political debate above, although amusing remains Adolescent.

  20. I believe my lastest mention to Fred Garvin were removed by the West Hartford Blog matrix master. I complimented Fred on being a Male Prostitute, because the name Fred Garving was taken from Saturday Nite Live -FRED GARVIN Male Prostitute played by Dan Achroyd .

    Unless ofcourse Fred Garvin actually is your name.

    Joe welcome to the blog your looking more statesmen like everyday. Your new locks look fabulous!

  21. Vince

    Joe Visconti accusing others of being “Adolescent” made me laugh, of course after I got over my shock that Joe actually (a) knew a four sylable word, and (b) was able to use it properly in a sentence. Way to go Joe!

  22. Joe Visconti

    Now Vincent,
    Such a Man you are with no last name, what’s the matter you don’t know how to spell it? Let me help you with it then… C o w a r d, that’s it, Vincent B. Coward

  23. quigleywh

    @E. Allen

    “intellectual dishonesty is the cornerstone of the anti BBS crowd.”

    This is a funny one. The anti-BBS crowd was not dishonest. The anti-BBS crowd gives a shit about the town and thinks about the future and what this stinky fish will do to the town in the long run.

    “The same people who fought it tooth and nail and the huge amounts of tax dollars it will now bring in…”

    -I believe this is one of the most assinine statements I’ve ever heard. BBS will bring NO tax dollars to this town. Let’s see…we’ll be paying back the $50 million for the next 20 years while Heapes & crew spend the rent and condo sale money and in about 1/2 a year the special services district tax will be repealed by your favorite people….the town council.

    “They don’t want their taxes raised but were willing to sell out to Taubman”

    Get your facts straight. First of Taubman is the biggest tax payer in the town. DID YOU HEAR THAT? They are also the only ones who would step in and help fund the Burr St. residents’ valid suits. Now how do you think life on Burr St is? Let’s see….Generators running all night, Loud equipment starting at 6 AM, BBS workers trashing the street where they park then gridlock the area at 3 PM when the get off work.

    “to try and stop the biggest shot in the arm our grand list has ever seen.”

    Guess what nimrod…this maybe the the biggest shot our grand list has ever seen, but it’s not money in that syringe…it’s heroin or crack and the center WILL collapse. WE CAN’T SUSTAIN THIS MUCH RETAIL……look at the outlying business districts….closed space for years without new tenants….it might take 5 or 10 years, but this center will be a ghost town.

    And, lay off Judy…it’s one thing to argue points of view – it’s another thing to call names like a pre-schooler.

  24. E. Allen

    Mark Q – You know that feeling you get in town, like you don’t quite belong here, that people look down on you and think you’re a hillbilly mouthbreather? You know that feeling?

    Yeah. I thought so.

  25. dan

    Does anyone know the prices of the condos they are going to build? I can only imagine what kind of inflated prices will be assigned. Not that I’m not interested…. Thx!

  26. lived here for most of my 40 years. i certainly dont miss the empty and lifeless days of the center of the eighties and nineties. certainly its goin to be nice to have theater there again and the restaurants are great if you can get in!!! driving around BBS the other day it was amazing its like having an entire city block plopped down where there was emptiness..its a little bizarre. a triumph of commercialism over ascetics all to common in our country in this age. still from the south main street vantage point it was barely visible. lets hope the development works though the changes to the facades on main street are hard to accept. sad to see the places of our youth dissappear only a couple that i can remember from my youth. herbs, lasalle music, tom the barber is all that are left from 30 years ago. war pieces the writing was on the wall the internet killed it. what a great guy rich was he will be sorely missed………

  27. the Hummer Battalion will shield the righteous from Blue Back terrorists

    i actually have that on a t-shirt. of course i don’t mean it in any way BUT mockingly

    (props to m&m for the righteous saying)

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