Useless reporting in the Courant today

This is exactly the kind of news story that makes it nearly impossible for residents of West Hartford to make informed decisions. We’re told next to nothing about what’s in the budget and given only hints about what critics have to say. There are no details, no real explanation, no nothing for any of us to make any kind of decision about who’s right and who’s wrong.

I don’t really blame the reporter. It’s just the whole thing is so truncated and short that it’s utterly without value. The Courant treats this town as an afterthought even though most of its readers and advertisers are right here in West Hartford.



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3 responses to “Useless reporting in the Courant today

  1. B

    Good point. Unfortunately, it is much easier to simply quote a critic than actually see whether what they are saying is true.

    Also, while certainly everyone has the right to speak at a public hearing, the reporters’ sense of “fairness” makes them seek out opposing views even if they are unrepresentative of the town.

    Thus, if you simply read the Courant and the Advocate for your news of West Hartford, you would think that a couple of the anti-tax folks represent anyone other than themselves, and there is simply no evidence of that.

    They are a minor subset of a splintered Republican party with no popular appeal.

    I agree with you that we need to keep a firm eye on the Budget, but I have a lot more trust in the council and BOE members, of both parties, than of their more vocal critics.

    Thank you for keeping up this blog. You are doing a great service.

  2. The Courant doesn’t usually get into details.. it is “McNews”.

    If the previous commenter would actually pull out a copy of the budget (which is available at Town Hall) and look at the line items I think he’d would be very surprised.

    I suppose it is ok with you that we are losing $1.8 million in leisure services? The programs are hemorraging cash, and we are supposed to pick up the tab for it’s continued mismanagement?

    Programs like leisure services and adult continuing education and summer school should be self sustaining.. and they aren’t .. again taxpayers are picking up the tab for mismanagement.

    READ THE BUDGET PROPOSALS!.. Look at what you are paying for!

    I am sorry I am not accustomed to “just paying the bill” when it arrives. The increases they are asking for are unacceptable given the way the money they are already receiving is being spent.

    You are sadly mistaken if you think we are just representing ourselves. Please stop drinking the Courant Kool Aid and look into the truth to the issues. If you don’t think we have “popular appeal” – that is of course your own opinion – but you obviously haven’t been to a taxpayers meeting.. Our membership has quadrupled in the past two weeks. People in town have had it already.

    Respectfully.. if you really like what the BOE and Town Council has been doing .. then fine.. but there are many others who do not agree .. and that is what elections are all about.

    Yes – this blog is great –
    Thanks Whdad for the time you take to maintain it.

  3. interested

    That rag is a piece of crap, I stopped reading it years ago.

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