$15 million for the busway

I see on the State Bond Commission agenda that Gov. Rell plans Friday to release $15 million to spend on the design of the New Britain to Hartford busway. The money will also be used to start buying up property that’s in the way.

I’ll believe it when I see it. I still can’t imagine who’s going to use this bus.

But perhaps I’m overly pessimistic.



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4 responses to “$15 million for the busway

  1. You aren’t pessimistic – just realistic.
    I agree with you.

  2. R. Phillips

    I think there are a lot of people who work in Hartford who live in Newington and West Hartford (and other nearby areas as well) who will find it MUCH easier to drive to a commuter lot and jump on an express than battle the traffic and parking of downtown Hartford. Beyond those, there are the people who already ride the bus between any of the proposed stations and who would now ride on the new busline.

    Spending to reduce our dependence on authomobiles and our addiction to oil and its outcome (see your posts above on war) is a good thing.

  3. Peter G

    The proposed busline — as limited as it is and far from what needs to be done to improve mass transit — is also vital for young people to have more access to jobs and to educational opportunities. I have a friend who was a single mom on state aid living in Hartford, who was trying to finish getting a degree at CCSU, and I was astonished when I realized that for her getting to class every day involved something like an hour and a half EACH WAY to get by bus from downtown Hartford to CCSU and back.

    By contrast, if you look at a place like Santa Cruz County in California, where there is a geographically sprawling community, serious pockets of poverty, and limited employment and educational opportunitie, their first rate mass transit system is a lifeline for many poor people.

  4. I’m all for mass transit. I’m just not convinced that the use for this new bus line will make much difference, though surely it will help some people a great deal.
    My skepticism aside, I’ll admit that I don’t have any great answers on how to improve mass transit here. Buses appear to be the only answer.
    I would like to see the state extend and expand the commuter train system, however, so that the Metro North line to Waterbury continued on to Bristol, New Britain, West Hartford and Hartford — and perhaps right on up to the airport and Springfield.
    A new line running from Hartford down to New Haven would be nice, too.
    So maybe it’s just that I don’t much like buses but I do like trains.
    Either way, nobody should base a transit system on what I like. It’s what the public will use that matters.

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