Carjacking this morning

Just over the West Hartford line, on Simsbury Road, a fellow this morning left his car running outside before going to work. He looked out and saw someone trying to steal it, according to The Hartford Courant. The guy ran out to try to stop the theft, struggled with the crook and wound up getting run over by his own car.

Fortunately, his injuries are apparently not life-threatening. The carjacker fled into the woods.  He’s described as a “tall, thin black male in his twenties. He was unshaved and wore grey sweats, a hooded sweat shirt over a green stocking cap and black sneakers.”

These things are scary.



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2 responses to “Carjacking this morning

  1. RandN

    What about the Courant story on the drug dealers living on milton? I think I’d be a lot more comfortable with any tax increases if the $ goes to community safety and crime prevention. Even the perception that WH is not a safe place to live is an incredibly harmful thing.

  2. I was initially alarmed at that, too, then realized each of three young men arrested on Milton Road had less than 4 ounces of marijuana in his possession. How that amounts to operating a drug factory is a mystery to me.
    Really, I don’t think it should be a police matter when adults have tiny amounts of marijuana.
    I admit, however, that these Univ. of Hartford students might have been dealing given that someone robbed them of a duffel bag that apparently contained more drugs. Perhaps we’ll find out more someday, though I suspect that this, like most arrests, will vanish into the court system without any public notice of what happened.

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