West Hartford Taxpayer Association statement

I don’t agree with all of this, but it’s interesting…



For Immediate Release

March 14, 2007       

The West Hartford Taxpayers Association met on 3/14/07 at Town Hall and drafted this statement:

“The West Hartford Town Budget must not exceed a 2.5% increase from the 2006-07 current budget, otherwise it leaves no choice to the West Hartford Taxpayers Association but to go to a referendum.”

The President of the Taxpayers Association tried to approach the Town Council with information regarding Proposition 2 ? on two separate occasions, but they were not responsive and found technical excuses for not applying it to our own town budget.


Members of WHTA have also been in touch with State legislators regarding their efforts to implement Proposition 2 ? for municipalities from the state. The WHTA also plans to keep citizens updated as to how those initiatives are doing.

The feeling was that town spending has got to be put under control. There has got to be restraint by our leaders. If salaries and other mandated expenses have gone up then we must make cuts elsewhere, or at least initiate no new programs or freeze hiring of staff.

Residents at the meeting thought that the extremely high budget was proposed on purpose so that Town officials could posture for cutting taxes. Some people said, “Why didn’t they just come out with a reasonable budget to begin with? They have been working on this since January. It looks like they say 8.5% so that they can cut it back to 6% and make it look like they are being fair. It’s the same old game they play every year.”

Everyone in attendance was made aware of the current proposed budget that was presented to the Town Council on 3/13/07 by Town manager James Francis. The proposed budget called for an increase of 8.5% which included a 7.6% in the education budget alone. These budget increases were absolutely unacceptable to all taxpayers who were in attendance at the WH Taxpayer Association meeting. Despite the fact that the mill rate is expected to drop because of revaluation from 46.19 to 31.43, the WH Taxpayers Association still sees that as an exorbitant mill rate.

Vice President, Judy Aron said, ” We are glad to see our property values go up. That is wonderful news. The issue at hand though is the spending, and the spending amount which represents the budget is what drives the mill rate and essentially determines our individual tax bill. Right now that proposed mill rate of 31.43 represents a huge increase in tax for many taxpayers when applied to their new assessment. That is just unacceptable.”

Information on the website for the taxpayer group shows that :

Historical West Hartford Tax increases:

2001 – 4.0%

2002 – 5.6%

2003 – 5.6%

2004 – 6.3%

2005 – 4.3%

2006 – 6.0%

      + 31.8% in the past 6 years alone!

Proposed increase for 2007-08 is an additional 8.5%

Historical West Hartford Board of Education Budget increases:

2002-03 – 7.18% 90.96 Million

2003-04 – 4.83% 95.35 Million

2004-05 – 5.75% 100.84 Million

2005-06 – 5.66% 106.55 Million

2006-07 – 6.51% 113.48 Million

2002-07 – 29.93 % in the past 5 years alone ! Averaging 6% for the past 5 years !

According to the Superintendent’s budget presentation, this year (2007-08) they are proposing a 7.59% increase! (That’s 122.10 million dollars more!)

Many people in attendance were very upset that communication with Town Officials has been so quiet and limited. Apparently no one is allowed to speak to the budget issues except at public hearings and many people in general expressed a feeling of being shut out of the process until the public hearings are held. Attendees that had gone for assessment appeals were also very unhappy with the treatment and responses they received from the process.

The West Hartford Taxpayers Association set up several committees, and will be doing some outreach to those families not easily reached via email to inform them of budget update information. They have members who will be examining the presented budgets of the Town as well as the Board of Education. The next full monthly meeting of the WHTA is scheduled for April 23, 2007 at 7:00 PM in Room 400 at the

West Hartford
Town Hall,

50 South Main Street, West Hartford, CT

All are welcome to attend.

The West Hartford Taxpayers Association is non-partisan. WHTA is an association dedicated to the proposition that Town Government can be operated efficiently to provide needed services at a fair cost to the Citizens of West Hartford. It has been in existence since 1933. For additional information visit the West Hartford Taxpayers Association web site at http://whta.org/ or contact WHTA President Theresa McGrath at president@whta.org or 860-570-1203, or WHTA Vice-President Judy Aron at vpresident@whta.org or call 860-523-7257




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3 responses to “West Hartford Taxpayer Association statement

  1. You’d agree with it all if you took a look at the budget and saw how this town is mismanaging funds.. I’ll bet you didn’t know that leisure services is almost 2 million in the red. With over 3,000 programs being offered they are losing money hand over fist because the programs are not self sustaining. That has got to be examined. Whoever is managing Leisure Services should be fired.

    I’ll bet you didn’t know that the first thing they gave their Town Manager was a 15% raise and doubled his already sufficient food allowance. Did you get a 15% raise this year?

    The printing and overtime and office supply budgets are astronomical. I’d like to know where the realized savings from this consolidation of the Board of Ed and Town Hall.

    The contracts they have negotiated are also ridiculous – one contract fund has increased by 324% over last year alone! Who is negotiating these contracts?

    I realize things go up in price – but this budget when you actually look at it in detail is really very disturbing and does not take the taxpayer into consideration at all. In my opinion they should be trimming 8-10 million from this budget (that is including the education budget).

    I think they can do this easily without impacting current service. the solution is simple. No new programs, freeze hiring, no overtime (except for emergency responders), no hiring of temps, get rid of leisure services programs that do not sustain themselves and stop spending money on items that we wouldn’t ordinarily do but are induced to do because of some “grant” we get. Programs that are initially seeded/funded by grants we get stuck with funding the whole thing when the grant runs out.

    You have got to know that people are having to move because of taxes in town, businesses are struggling and our kids that we spend so much to educate cannot afford to come back here to live. Our education investment moves off to Atlanta or Arizona… that is not good.

    Blue Back will offer some help but not at the rate we are spending.

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