8.5 percent is too much

The Courant’s town budget story today demonstrates again that a budget fight is shaping up. They’re looking to hike spending by 8.5 percent and to set the mill rate at 31.43 — at a time when 24 mills is about the right number to hold taxes steady for most homeowners.

Now I accept that taxes must rise because expenses go up. But even a 20 percent hike in tax bills brings us to only 28.8 or so. And that’s a killer increase all by itself.

They’re looking to push the average homeowner’s tax bill up by a third.

Of course, the politicians are promising cuts, which is fine. And there may yet be a phase-in that would ease the crunch.

But there’s no way to deny any longer that we’re all about to get slammed. Let the moaning begin.


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One response to “8.5 percent is too much

  1. Mike

    Like I have said in a couple other threads, taxes never go down. This council is not, has never been, and will never be, willing to make hard cuts or even to hold the line. Eventually, when the tax burden becomes too great, there will be a backlash. Hopefully, the RTC has gotten its act together then to run a viable alternative campaign designed to provide fiscal sanity to this town. Eventually, when no one can afford the taxes in this town, a change may come. I admittedly live in a pretty nice part of town, in a pretty nice house – but to see my taxes now creep up towards $10,000 a year is ridiculous! That’s $800 a month – and I have a job. What about seniors, single parent families, etc? Are we taxing them out of town?

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