Will your property taxes go up?

Yeah, no doubt.

But read what Judy Aron has on the West Hartford Taxpayers Association site for a fairly concise and correct explanation of the impact of revaluation. It’s not pretty.

From what I can tell, I’m a lot more inclined to spend mone that Ms. Aron, especially on schools, but what she’s got there makes it pretty clear to me that we’re going to hear a very long, very loud wail from angry taxpayers when the picture becomes clear to most everyone.

It looks like I better go get a third job to make sure the government gets its money out of me.


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One response to “Will your property taxes go up?

  1. Mike

    Of course taxes will go up. Do they ever go down? And don’t forget, the income tax is going up too, retroactive to the beginning of this year – so they will have to double withhold the increase for the last six months of the year to catch up. Good times. But, at least gas prices are going down…..

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