Fire chief speaks about security for Jewish institutions

After 10 days in Israel for special training, Fire Chief William Austin has some interesting things to say to The Jewish Ledger.


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One response to “Fire chief speaks about security for Jewish institutions

  1. Peter G

    So let me get this straight. The West Hartford fire chief went to Israel for ten days to study “counter-terrorism.” I suppose that’s justified given the rash of terrorist attacks we’ve suffered here in West Hartford since 9/11. Yes, in case you wondered for even a moment, I am being sarcastic.

    I also find it quite troubling that Austin’s description of “what I learned on my counter-terrorism vacation report” seemed to focus exclusively on what he learned about how to better protect Jewish institutions. The real “homeland security” issues in this town have nothing to do with terror or religious bigotry. Maybe it sounds old fashioned, but I want our emergency preparedness to focus on training kids what to do in a fire or if the electricity goes out, being sure townspeople are safe in the event of a blizzard, and providing resources to familes that are suddenly displaced by disasters (natural or un-). I notice that Austin seems to be making a little career of speaking engagements to civic groups about “homeland security” but I must admit I just assumed that his definition was akin to mine. West Hartford does not need it’s fire chief to be briefed by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), nor does it need to open up a speaker’s bureau in support of Bush’s endless war of . . . oops! . . . on terror.

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