Clean energy grant for West Hartford

According to the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, West Hartford is one of 15 towns across the state to qualify for a $5,000 clean energy grant. Among our neighbors, Hartford and Bloomfield also snagged grants.

The idea, a press release from the fund said, is that the communities can use the cash to “support clean energy awareness and education.”

“Under the program, which is funded with $200,000 from CCEF, the first 40 qualifying Connecticut cities and towns are being offered a $5,000 block grant from CCEF,” the press release said. Nine towns secured grants in the first round so there are 16 more that will get the money.

In order to qualify, a municipality must first commit to the SmartPower 20% by 2010 clean energy campaign and attend a workshop on the grants program,” the press release said. “The local energy task force in each town coordinates a micro-grant giving process, soliciting and reviewing project proposals from nonprofit organizations or individuals motivated to start up local clean energy awareness and education projects. The energy task force in each town then determines which projects to support with micro-grants of between $250 and $2,000. This program is intended to support creative new ways of promoting and supporting clean renewable energy in our communities.”

I guess that means West Hartford has some kind of task force in place that will figure out where the money should go. The dollars won’t matter too much, since they’re a drop in the bucket, but with motivated people a task force focusing attention on the issue could be a major boon to West Hartford.

One of our town’s goals ought to be that we become, and remain, the state’s leader in moving toward the use of sustainable energy. I know the town has done well so far. But let’s aim to be number one by any measure on this important, cutting edge issue.


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  1. Chris N

    To learn more about the WH Clean Energy Task Force (and other town-related environmental initiatives), check out the Sustainable West Hartford group/listserve at


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