West Hartford in Top 100 for music education

It should be music to residents’ ears to learn that West Harford is one of a handful of Connecticut towns to make the American Music Conference’s list of Top 100 American Communities for Music Education this year.

Only a few other Connecticut towns made the cut – Bethel, Bristol, Cheshire, Greenwich, Mystic, South Windsor, Torrington and Wilton among them.

According to the AMC, “Thousands of teachers, school and district administrators, school board members and parents and community leaders, representing communities in all 50 states, participated in the Web-based survey. The 2007 roster includes school districts from 31 states that are committed to quality music education programs and providing access to music education. The districts were measured across a variety of program support, curricular and programmatic criteria. Because the criteria in the survey are measured proportionally, large communities and small ones are able to participate on an equal footing.”

“While music education has been linked to higher SAT scores, math grades and future success in life, the survey also found that many students hailing from a ‘Best 100’ community have continued their musical pursuits professionally as educators, or playing for renowned symphonies, opera houses, orchestras and on Broadway,” the survey sponsor reported.

Now, of course, we all know that West Hartford’s schools have great music programs. The Pops and Jazz concert at Hall, for example, is always phenomenal. The talent in this town is stunning, especially to a plunker like me who can’t even keep a beat.

Still, it’s a great thing to be recognized and I’m glad that the nation took notice of what is done here. Our teachers, students and taxpayers all have reason to be proud. 



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3 responses to “West Hartford in Top 100 for music education

  1. Yes, every school should have a music program and it’s sad that many school districts are missing out on this. Kids need good music education!

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  3. I agree with “no song unsung” It is very sad that some kids are without the opportunity to learn music.

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