Vandals strike Northwest Catholic

Police told television reporters Monday that vandals painted obscene messages on the outside of Northwest Catholic High School last night. The culprits? Probably students at nearby Hall High School, a rival.

WTNH reports that images of the four-letter words remain on the side of the building despite efforts to clean them. Police are supposedly patrolling the area in case the vandals are stupid enough to return.

Let’s hope when they catch the students who did it — and they probably will because the schools spend years pounding home the message that ratting out your fellow students is mandatory — that they’re punished as severely as that kid from Conard who dared to take pictures of a cop chasing a black student through the cafeteria during senior prank day.

Really, though, painting obscenities on a rival school building is amazingly dumb. If you’re doing to do a prank, kids, do something clever.


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  1. yes – I agree with quxphs gjvfdig.

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