Top employers in West Hartford

In the town’s most recent financial report, there’s an interesting list of the biggest employers in West Hartford. Here they are:

1. University of Hartford (1,496 employees)

2. Hebrew Home and Hospital (750)

3. Wiremold Products (720)

4. St. Joseph College (540)

5. Colt Manufacturing (520)

6. Macy’s (500)

7. St. Mary’s Home (400)

8. Goodrich Corp. (375)

9. Holo-Krome Co. (300)

10. University of Connecticut (250)

10. Chandler Evans Control Systems (250)

10. Sears & Roebuck (250)

I’m sure, by the way, the town government itself employs a whole lot more than 250. I don’t know why it’s not listed.


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One response to “Top employers in West Hartford

  1. The town would be number one. It has 1,815 employees.

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