Recycling bins look like garbage

Driving down a near St. Joseph College this morning, I noticed that just about every one of the blue recycling bins lining the road looked awful. They’re faded, cracked or clearly broken.

I don’t know how long it’s been since these bins were replaced, but it’s pretty clear that the town needs to get new bins out there to people. Mine looks pretty bad, too, come to think of it.

It doesn’t speak well of the seriousness of our recycling effort when the bins look like trash — and many of them are overflowing as well.  Next time around, at least give people the option to get bigger bins, or more of them.



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5 responses to “Recycling bins look like garbage

  1. Our bin is a disaster as well, and we always have more recycling than fits into it.

    Of course, our street has no curb and is filled with potholes, so the bin kind of fits in.

  2. Ben

    New or more recycling bins may be obtained from the Customer Service Desk in the Town Hall lobby at a cost of $6.00.

  3. Thank you, Ben, for providing useful information.
    I do think , though, the town should just buy new ones and hand them out. Perhaps it could replace them every five years and just do one day’s trash route annually so that the cost would be spread over five years.
    It’s not reasonable, really, to expect everyone to go buy one at town hall.

  4. Chris N

    To add to Ben’s comment, soon the town will be offering 18 gallon recycling bins rather than the 14 gallon bins that most residents currently have.

    While new free bins for all would be great, I suspect that the cost (approx. 27,000 homes x $6 each) would be a bit prohibitive.

  5. I’m thrilled to learn that larger bins are coming. That will help.
    But it strikes me as environmentally crazy to have everyone in town go to town hall to get a new bin instead of loading them on trucks and passing them out. The cost of new bins for all is relatively small, less than $35,000 annually if the town spread it out over five years, as I suggested.
    That’s a small price to pay — and we’ll be paying for them any way you look at it – to encourage more recycling and keep the town looking neat and clean.

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