Build them a skatepark

Poking around on Facebook this morning, which is kind of fun, I stumbled across a group of West Hartford youngsters who have formed a group called “Build Us a Skatepark.”

They say that West Hartford “needs somewhere to skate locally without fear of police officers coming to ‘clean up the streets’ and where kids can skate “without fear of people assuming that we’re there to cause havoc.”

“Build Us a Skatepark is a grass roots organization for the development of a free, skater aproved, unsupervised skatepark in a central location through lawful lobbying,” its site on Facebook says.

To find out more, sign the petition the group has or to help with fundraising, contact its organizer at

If I got back on a skateboard, I’d be looking for a good orthopedic surgeon before long, but I am totally sympathetic to what these youngsters want. In fact, I’m trying to understand why we’re about to spend $300,000 on a mini-golf course when we don’t even have a skatepark in town. There’s something seriously messed up about that. And I would use the min-golf course, probably, so it’s in my selfish interest to favor Putt-Putt.

But skateboarders, trick bikers and the like deserve our help, not our scorn. This is a project that ought to be done quickly, not slowly. Let’s get it going and do right by these kids. 



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10 responses to “Build them a skatepark

  1. Peter G

    Wow. Great post and I agree. I can’t help but wonder if one of the reasons WH (or any town) might want to spend money on mini-golf rather than a skatepark is that it helps us to imagine our kids as we would like them to be rather than how they are.

  2. Ella

    Well, I happen to be one of these “youngsters”, and I also belong to the Facebook group. I don’t skate myself, mainly because I’m not allowed to start learning on our (sloped) driveway or the road, which would be dangerous. I think that, considering West Hartford lacks a gathering place for teens, a skate park would be a social area as well as a place where sports-challenged people like myself could learn how to skate safely and surrounded by friends.

  3. Hi, i am the leader of the B.U.a.S. group and i am psyked to of heard about this post. for all of you out their with a facebook or myspace page, please find our group and join. a Courant reporter and a reporter for the Advocate are interested in writing an article and would like to hear about why you all think it would be a good idea. so please email or call them, it only takes a second

    call or email Fulvio cativo at the Courant


    talk to Jennifer Abel at the Advocate.
    phone- 241-3595

  4. Good luck, Devin. I hope you can get some more publicity on this. Really, it’s crazy that the town is eyeing a Putt-Putt course when there’s no skatepark.

  5. Jennifer from the Advocate

    Thank you for the mention, Devin! As to Whdad, I would have sent you an introductory e-mail already, but I could find no contact information on your page. So I’ll just do it here: hi, I’m Jennifer and I’m the new West Hartford reporter for the Hartford Advocate. I’ve been checking your blog every day since I started, since I don’t know the city very well and am thus trying to learn all I can about it.

    (Shameless plug) if you guys hear of anything interesting going on, please give me a call or drop me an e-mail!

  6. Jennifer,
    What little I know, I write about here.

  7. Lisa

    I am the mom of a West Hartford skateboarder, and I for one would be delighted not to have to drive to Wethersfield Skate Park constantly once the “skate” weather arrives. That park is a wonderful model for the West Hartford folks – skaters/bikers designed it and helped raise the funds for it. That resulted in a great spot that is really well-designed and respected by (almost) all who use it. I agree with Peter G. – many West Hartford parents would rather see their kids on golf course than a half-pipe. There’s time enough for golf when they can no longer kickflip!

  8. Me and my friends also are teenager West Hartford skaters. We strongly believe that we need a skate park, and we have made our own website explaining many reasons why. To find out more info, go to:

  9. Cynic

    Looks like your time would be better spent studying grammar.

  10. Chalenois

    touche’ cynic 🙂

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