Grand list up 71 percent

The West Hartford News again has a real scoop. Reval pushed up property values 71 percent in town. It only take a little math now to see what’s going to happen to your own property tax bill. If your home value went up more than 71 percent, you’ll pay more.  If it went up less, you won’t. I think mine went up something like 80 percent so I’ll be digging deeper for pennies that, regrettably, don’t exist.

But at least I have a sense now of what’s coming.



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10 responses to “Grand list up 71 percent

  1. By the way, if you haven’t seen it, the town has a great site to check values and see what’s on record about your property, as well as your friends, neighbors and enemies:

  2. RandN

    Good post. I’ve heard that WH home values rose higher than WH commerical/business values, so homeowners will bear a larger burden than if both types of property saw their values rise at the same rate.

    For WH property value geeks like me is interesting too. I’m not sure how accurate, but interesting.

  3. Yes, good point. You’d actually have to see your home value go up only 65 percent or so to see your property taxes hold steadyish.

  4. Mike

    But don’t forget, the town can phase in the total amount of the reval impact over a period of years. It will slow the residential vs. commercial impact slighly.

  5. Yeah, I’m rather inclined to see that tried. I also wonder if, as I’m told, commercial values have risen much faster than residential in the past year. If that’s so, and the trend continues, we might be better off doing another reval next year instead of phasing in the impact of this one.

  6. I tried to find something more about this on the town website, but came up dry. It seems like the raw data on the grand list ought to be there when it’s finished.

  7. I am thrilled that my property value went up.. but I’d sure like to see the mill rate go down accordingly.. Higher values do not have to translate into higher taxes. I figured out that with my new assessment the mill rate would have to drop to 24 to allow me to pay the same in taxes.. as I hear tell they are predicting a mill rate of 30.. so beware of a “built in/hidden” tax increase due to revaluation.

  8. Tom Reed


    Thanks for the link to the web site. Very interesting.

  9. Tom Reed

    The value of my home went up 64.3%-that’s great, for the time being. With a little help from Judy, I figured out that my mill rate would have to drop to 28.11 mills in order for my property taxes to remain the same.

    We are hearing about a mill rate in the low 30’s. Estimating a possible mill rate of 32.5, there will be an unacceptable 15.6% increase in the amount of my property tax based on the new evaluation.

    We West Hartford tax payers had better keep an eye on proposed budgets and hold on to our wallets!

  10. After reading through the article, I feel that I really need more information on the topic. Could you suggest some resources please?

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