Building 18

Just read the sickening, wonderful news story from last Sunday’s Washington Post about the conditions that our wounded troops are living in at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. It’s appalling.

These men and women, who have suffered grievously in battle, are living in crappy old apartments with mold, mice, cockroaches and holes in the walls. They’re getting the bureaucratic runaround at every turn. Our heroes are treated like the pests they’re forced to live with.

I’m genuinely outraged. These bastards in Washington are constantly talking about how we must all support the troops — and this is how they treat our wounded warriors just down the road from the White House?

It makes me more convinced than ever that it’s time to stop this crazy war. Our guys are stuck in the middle of a civil war with no real allies, no plan for winning, no idea even what winning means. They’re getting blown away for nothing. And the ones who come back wounded in body and spirit are abused by the very government that sent them off to fight.

Thank God for The Washington Post and its willingness to peak behind the facade to let us know how badly the Bush administration is taking care of our troops. It shows once again what kind of men started and guided this war — officials who don’t give a damn what happens to my fellow Americans who had the guts and sense of duty to put themselves in harm’s way for all of us.



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7 responses to “Building 18

  1. I don’t believe everything I read..
    have you actually gone there to see the conditions for yourself?
    I wouldn’t be so quick to take their word for it.

  2. I saw the pictures. They can’t make up anything that awful. And the reaction in Washington has made it clear that it was all too true.

  3. OK then.. I hadn’t seen photos.. and hadn’t followed it that closely either..
    It is pretty awful and absolutely should be rectified quickly.

  4. Peter G

    Funny, I got the same reaction when I first read about Abu Ghraib and started telling other people about it. “Oh, our government wouldn’t tolerate something like that! Don’t believe everything you read!”

    But why should we be surprised that the feds are treating veterans of THIS war like garbage. They completely abadoned Vietnam vets, fought them tooth and nail on the issue of Agent Orange, left thousands to rot in mental hospitals or turned them out onto the street to panhandle on corners.

    One of the most underreported stories of the Iraq war has been that while deaths of US soldiers are relatively (relatively!) low, that’s because better equipment and better field medical equipment means that a lot more GI’s survive their wounds. Without a hand, arm or leg . . . or with PTSD or other psychological problems . . . but they survive. Logically that would lead you to think that there would be a need for an increase in funding for veterans’ services. In fact there have been cutbacks for those services since the war started.

    No doubt that is a factor in the significant percentage of active duty GI’s and veterans of this war who believe it should be ended now.

  5. Hi WHDad,

    How much more evidence is necessary before more people discern that the “support the troops” mantra is a purposeful deception? These young people are cannon fodder for corporate profits and geopolitical gain. They have been deceived into fighting a war and others have been deceived into thinking that leaders of the political right are actually sincere in their assertions about war and the troops. People who tout so-called Christian values while beating the drums of war either can’t discern good from evil or are actively being deceptive.

    War is evil, pure and simple. The only humane way to “support the troops” is by ending all wars and establishing true and just solutions to human needs.

    Here is Wisdom !!

  6. Robert

    For an objective report on conditions in Building 18 (the proper name is Walter Reed Inn), Google on Walter Reed Inn and access a site for a user’s quality report on this building. This report, from up to 30 military occupants who obtained temporary housing there, ranks the quality as “1” on a scale of 1 to 10. To be fair, most military temporary housing facilities are very nice and quite reasonable in cost.

  7. While I’m not sure the Walter Reed chief deserved his fate, I’m glad to see the Army secretary fired for allowing this to happen. And I can’t wait to see the man ultimately responsible, our oblivious president, go back to Texas forever.

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