Busway from New Britain to Hartford

I’ve never been able to tell if the state Department of Transportation is serious about the proposed busway between New Britain, a city nobody willingly visits, and Hartford. It would run through Elmwood, along the rail line, and have stations in Elmwood and Flatbush.

I’m still perplexed about who exactly would use this busway. For much of the town, it’s just as fast to drive to the bus station in Hartford as it is to get to Flatbush or Elmwood, and for the rest, it’s not much different. To make it even close to worthwhile, they’d have to make the bus rides and parking over there awfully cheap — and have a lot of buses going back and forth so that convenience wouldn’t be an issue.

I get the feeling it’s all a sort of giant feel-good measure so that the DOT can say it doesn’t just build highways. Look, it put in a busway, too!

But, really, let’s get serious. There’s not enough of an appreciable difference in commuting times or cost to make this thing viable from West Hartford. Who will use it? I’d really like to know. I’m a whacky green guy — I even pay extra for electricity so it will come from renewable sources — but this busway strikes me as a total bust.

Show me I’m wrong and I’ll be thrilled.

But for all of this money, it sure seems like there are better options. 



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3 responses to “Busway from New Britain to Hartford

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  2. Roger

    The busway is a project that should be scrapped as it will eliminate the possiblility of riding a train from Waterbury through New Britain to Hartford without diverting to Berlin. The real cost of the busway is closer to $800M according to the Federal Transit Admin report. This should not be a political issue between the Republican Mayor of New Britain and the world as it affects a huge part of the state beyond New Britain.

    It’s time to make some intelligent decisions about our present and future transportation needs and a busway between New Britain and Hartford for $800 is simply ridiculous.

    Roger (New Britain)

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