West Hartford apologizes

No, we didn’t apologize for being uppity or squandering our money on too much takeout. Instead, we apologized for plowing the snow the wrong way the other day.

The Courant reported today that the town manager, Jim Francis, clearly doesn’t follow the George W. Bush School of Leadership.

Francis supposedly apologized in “an open lettered emailed to residents” for botching the snow removal on residential streets.

“I know many of you had difficulties with the removal of snow from your driveways and sidewalks following this most recent inclement weather. The primary cause of this was that the response to residential street plowing was delayed,” he wrote, blaming a misreading of how the storm would play out.

The town is not citing people who don’t clear their walks because its plows made it so hard to get all the ice off.

It is true, too, that the plows came through at the wrong moment. My aching back can attest to that. I think I need a snowblower.

But what I found most odd about that story is that I never got any emailed apology, even though I get emails from the town all the time. It’s not really much of an open apology if only those who complain get it. Most of us, after all, are prone to suffer in silence.


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  1. Yeah – I got the apology.. I guess it depends which type of listserve in West Hartford you are signed up on.. I understand there are a few different ones.

    In any case.. you don’t think he’ll deduct the amount for my chiropractor appointment yesterday from my tax bill do ya? nah, didn’t think so.

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