Trashy news in West Hartford

The West Hartford News reports today that beginning this summer, the town will switch to a new garbage collection system. Residents will get massive, wheeled barrels that can be picked up with a mechanical arm and emptied into spiffy new trucks.

It’s about time.

Other towns that have this pickup look better. They don’t have trash cans flopping down the street every time it’s windy and piles of crap for overworked collectors to toss in the truck. They just have reasonably neat-looking containers that are uniform and well-designed.

According to the weekly, which has a rare scoop on this one, the town “is finalizing a six-year contract” with Paine, Inc. to provide the pickups for $3 million annually. The town will distribute the new barrels, for free, this spring. It will take care of getting rid of our existing barrels, again for free.

Thank goodness I haven’t wasted money on trash barrels in years.



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7 responses to “Trashy news in West Hartford

  1. If it’s efficient and saves the town money, then that’s great. Now what they really need to do is address the issue of leaf collection which has been abysmal and costly.

  2. Yes, leaf collection is a mess.
    The town ought to deal with that one NOW so that a new system is in place by fall.

  3. Robert Holland

    Are you crazy? Where, when and how are you going to wheel the thing? Do you want some poor little old lady(barely hanging on to her house anyway thanks to WH taxes) horsing around a 100#+ ugly green plastic expensive can on wheels down her driveway for the towns convenience? And this is after she has to spend all day scraping ice and snow off her driveway so the thing can be moved.

    Drive around Avon and look at the containers – they are as ugly and imposing as any garbage can if not more so. Face it, garbage is ugly no matter what it’s in so the object is to make it as convenient as possible for everyone (not just those with a flat 10 foot driveway, and a garage with enough space to store the thing without moving cars around) in all seasons.

    On the upside, at least there will be much less hassle with recycling. Simply toss the bottles and newspapers in the container – who’ll know? The mechanical arm simply lifts the container and dumps it in the truck with no oversight or human intervention. For that matter, oil, batteries, pesticides, old prescriptions, computers etc will also be very easy to dump. By the way, it can also be a solution to the leaf problem – just mulch them or not and toss them in the container.

    This is a bad idea for a whole bunch of reasons not the least of which is the town attitude, which is typical; just deal with it people we have more important stuff to spend your money on.

  4. anonymous

    I believe the town of West Hartford is making a big mistake by no choosing All Waste Inc. for the residential trash services. If you look through nearby towns that All Waste Inc. services you will notice there new containers picked up by orange trucks which i have discovered have the best department of transportation rating if you look where is Paines on that list? who wants’ an hydraulic hose on a truck to burst in front of there house due to poor department of transportation ratings i sure know i don’t.

    Paines said that they were going to be picking the trash up with an state of the art truck that re-uses diesel fuel to make the truck run quiter, i would love to see them make all that trash that will be dumped into the back of the truck making just as much noise as the motor operated arm that picks it up quiter.

    As far as the little old lady that must wheel her trash down to the curb on pick-up day All Waste offers a smaller size container which can be wheeled down to the truck on pick up day by the driver if called in to the company first no questions asked. whomever made the decision to choose paines as their rubbish removal provider may have made a mistake in the best hauler for the town, they should give this choice more consideration.

  5. anonymous

    P.S All Waste inc. offers trash removal services at a far cheaper price that could have been included with trash pick up.

  6. After looking into this – I have found this new contract with Paine is a total rip-off. we’ll be spending over $700,000 more on trash collection so that we can go to this one manned truck operation.
    We are paying for all the barrels as part of this cost and we are also paying for Paine’s new trucks. That is why they are going for such a long term contract so it’ll be just the amount of time for Paine to amortize the vehicles. Our current trash hauler was shut out of the bidding process and there is proof that he bid and wanted to continue service, for a whole lot less money than Paine.
    Shame on the Council for spending even more money at a time when our taxes are going through enough turmoil with revaluation.

    You honestly should take the time to go through the proposed town budget – some of the expense items are just out of control and other budget items are purposely padded.

    This trash deal really takes the cake though.

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