Busier back roads

I’m sure others have noticed that as the Center gets more crowded — and Trout Brook Drive ever slower — there are growing numbers of drivers cutting east to west on roads that used to have far fewer cars.

Fern Street, for example, is much busier than it was just a few years ago. But so are the Boulevard, Asylum and other east-west roads. There are also more and more drivers using north-south “shortcuts” that take them racing through what should be neighborhood-only streets.

I don’t have an answer for the problem, but the town ought to get more cops out to hand out tickets on side streets and, no doubt, take a look at traffic light timing to see if some adjustments make sense given the changing volumes.



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3 responses to “Busier back roads

  1. I’m fairly new to West Hartford, and I have to admit that I often use those side streets to avoid some of the most bizarre (to me) intersections, such as Prospect/Blvd/Capitol and Prospect/Albany. I don’t race through–I go the speed limit in the city, generally–but I do use some of the neighborhood-only streets. Is that a problem?


  2. Hey, they’re all public roads and anybody has the right to drive on them — as long as they drive responsibly.
    My concern is that town needs to take a look at how the increasing traffic could be handled better on these streets. It strikes me that light sequences, turning lanes and other changes are going to be needed on some of them.
    Better to do it sooner rather than later because the problem is growing.

  3. I should throw in here, too, that I love the traffic calming measures the town has taken on Farmington Avenue, Raymond Road, the Boulevard, Asylum and probably other streets. They’re terrific.

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