West Hartford Taxpayers Association – dead or just dying?

 A few years ago, I joined the West Hartford Taxpayers Association because I’m a taxpayer and hoped I’d get more information about what’s going on with the town and its spending. I didn’t learn much.

The group, as best I could tell, consisted mostly of longtime residents who were so keen on holding down taxes that they couldn’t recognize the importance of preserving our educational system, recreation programs and other services. Many of them didn’t see that it’s not so much what we pay that matters as what we get for our money. In West Hartford, the equation is pretty damn good.

But there are, no doubt, areas where costs could be trimmed and services cut. A good taxpayers group might find them, let the community know what’s up, and win support to make reductions in some areas in order to fund additions in others.

Even though I was dissatisfied with the group, I was glad it existed. Any watchdogs are good in my book. So it’s disappointing to recognize the association has done almost nothing since losing the last budget referendum. It’s like it got shoved into the rubble of the old Crowley dealership and carted off.

Is it still out there? Is anyone in charge of it? What’s it doing? And does anyone give a damn?



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3 responses to “West Hartford Taxpayers Association – dead or just dying?

  1. I’ve been informed that I missed one of a story in the Courant a little while back that pretty much makes clear that a small GOP group took over what was left of the taxpayers assocation.
    Among those now running the group are Judy Aron, who lost to Andrew Fleischmann last fall, and Bob Gross, a former town council member.
    What this means, I have no idea.

  2. It means we are reorganizing after the loss of Phil Meister and we have some new blood in the organization. You’ll be hearing some more from us soon. We aren’t “GOP” – there are members of the WH Taxpayers Association that are Dems as well, and the organization is totally non-partisan. What we are interested in is responsible taxation and spending.

  3. That’s great to hear. Honest watchdogs are always good.

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