Lieberman’s no Lorax

I read with horror the recent piece in The New Yorker about our iffy junior senator, Joe Lieberman, a man I voted for with only a little reluctance last year in large part because I believed him to be a man of integrity. I didn’t agree with him on the war — who does? — but I trusted him in some odd way to be true to us.

Now I find that the guy who said he’d always be a Democrat is telling reporters he might not be one after all. Lieberman makes it awfully clear in that article that if the Democrats try to end the war, he’ll jump to the GOP. The scheming bastard lied to us all last year when he said, repeatedly, that he would never do that.

But I’m also irritated that Lieberman would compare himself to the Lorax, a Dr. Seuss character who fights to preserve the truffula trees against a voracious industry that gobbles them up, destroying the environment as it goes. In the end, the Lorax picks himself up by the seat of his pants and flies off to God knows where, having utterly failed in his mission.

What Lieberman fails to see is that it’s President Bush and his cohorts who are devastating the relevant environment (Iraq). The Lorax would stand up for those who want peace, not those who want to bring more destruction and death. Lieberman is no Lorax.

But I’m beginning to think that if he wants to pick himself up by his backside and vanish, we might be better off.


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