Rell’s budget golden for West Hartford

Gov. Jodi Rell’s astounding budget proposal would increase the ECS money for West Hartford from $11 million a year to $33 million by 2012 – a jump in school assistance so startling that it’s scarcely believable.

And what do we need to do for this largesse? Just maintain our great schools and go easy on property taxpayers for a change.

This is what we’ve always wanted to see happen in Hartford, and now it is.

The income tax hike the governor proposes hits us all pretty gently. Only the highest income people will see even a 10 percent increase, most of which they’ll save on the other end from lower property tax bills for their homes and cars.

This is a revolutionary moment in Connecticut. I hope the Democratic legislature doesn’t nitpick it all to death. Seize this opportunity!



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2 responses to “Rell’s budget golden for West Hartford

  1. Taxpayer

    Why are you projecting to 2012, this is a two year budget, tell us what it means to West Hartford over two years! Dem, GOP, does not matter, be careful of hype and projections from the legislature. We all know what happens, eventually, to special revenue sources… general fund, general fund, general fund.

  2. Fair enough.
    Here are the numbers;
    In FY 2006-07, West Hartford got $11.4 million in ECS aid.
    In Rell’s budget, the town would get $15.7 million in FY 2007-08.
    In FY 2008-09, it would get $18.7 million.
    Over the next three years, which are admittedly a lot shakier and not truly committed by the state, the numbers would go to $22.2 million, $26.7 million and, finally, to $33.2 million.

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